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Rosa Nielsen
Rosa Nielsenhttps://discord.cinchnews.com
Rosa Nielsen (they/them) was taken from her native African lands as an adoptee. Forced to abandon their African heritage and tradition growing up in a White, gender conforming Swedish family, they are in the process of healing by reclaiming their African ancestry. They put focus on the systemic racism present in modern day Sweden, to help inspire all BIPOC peoples of the Nordic countries to stand up against their racist society.

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Here’s what science says about trans women’s menstrual cycle: yes, its real

Let 2023 be the year we continue to reclaim science, just like Galileo did.

In our society we have rightfully started asking questions we should have a long time ago.

What even IS a woman?

What even IS marriage?

What even IS the menstrual cycle?

If society says Black people are inferior in our nature, Science kicks their heads in with truth. If society says queerness is a disease, Science knocks them down.

When people claim trans women, who are BIOLOGICALLY women as most modern biologists will tell you, cannot possible menstruate, do you know what happens? Science tell them to sit the fuck down, and listen up.

And guess what?

Science has done exactly that in 2022.

Native & indigenous American oral tradition told the colonizers for centuries about the ebb and flow of nature, about the great floods and natural devastation. Now, Geologists are proving them true. Trans women, non binary female presenting, genderfluid folks when female presenting, AMAB women have stood up and said “HEY! We experience menstrual cycles”, some backwards right-wingers have thought it absurd, for NO other reason than “it does not fit the narrative!”

But Science has COME for your narrative! In a study from May, researchers at the NHS followed trans women during their hormonal and physiological transitioning. They found that 33 % of all women (AMAB) experienced biologically detectable signal (both hormonal and blood characteristics) in a pattern that followed cis-women’s menstrual cycle.

In a study just recently published by researchers in Canada, trans women who had desired to undergo gender reassignment before their onset of puberty, have after their reassigned puberty started having identical symptoms and biological data as cis women going into their first menstruation.

So while tampons in traditionally male bathrooms where women are forced to go to avoid being literally raped if they do not present feminine enough, sick days for menstruation reasons for AMAB folks, mood swings from your favorite trans woman friend seems “out of the ordinary”. Guess what? It is exactly ordinary, maybe you should do a reality check?

Listen to the millions of trans voices, just go online!!, and say with me: “I will not deny science. I will not deny trans women’s rights to have menstrual cycles.”


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