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Stop the militarization of our fire departments

When majorities see a fire truck going 90 mph down the street, their kids point and cheer. When marginalized peoples see such a sight, they shiver in fear.

After Laurence’s hard-hitting piece bringing attention to the “fire fighter question”, an avid Cinchnews reader Christy reached out to us to share her struggle against the very same question. Her article follows here.

What are the arms of the state? Law enforcement, military, healthcare workers, and the so-called “fire fighters”. When majorities see a fire truck going 90 mph down the street, their kids point and cheer. When marginalized peoples see such a sight, they shiver in fear.

Over the years the fire departments have moved closer and closer to our military, forming the big fire industrial complex. Heavy machinery and uniformized personnel are brought unwillingly into the hearts of our vibrant minority-majority spaces. Weapons of war, poised for the purpose of the state are driven viciously through, differing only from an invasion by the paint coating applied.

Voices of the unheard

At the height of the world wide Black Lives Matter (✊🏿) protests, fiery voices were heard for the first time. And just like the protests were violently suppressed by the police force, so was the ignition that would have started a revolution by the firemen.

Hoses, in our collective minds used to attack the civil rights movement were now aimed at us yet again. At our voices, at our cause. And for what? to “save” a municipal building? The headquarters of the oppressors? Uniformed, masked (the wrong way), men with emblems of axes, axes used to chop down nature and to wage war, embark. One by one. They don’t even use axes no more.

Wild wild fires

Indian-Native-Indigenous-Americans for centuries have managed nature by its own accord. By the natural way the ebbe flows and retracts. By lighting fires. Now, fire fighters are trying to put down nature’s way of handling over growth. And only recently, scientists (white) have stopped to ask: “does it make sense to fight forest fires? Is it really beneficial?” No, is the answer. Ask the aboriginals, ask the Kazaars, ask the Romanis: this is how nature should be managed, if at all.

Only capitalists care about “saving their house”. Our communities would simply relocate into a new space. We humans are nomads after all. Who are white men to decide if a fire is allowed to exist? Who are they to try and tame nature, as they have tried for millenia.

Why is Blackfacing allowed just because it is painted with smoke and sod? Why do news use such imagery?


Vote out the municipal “leaders” supporting big fire! Vote out the funding for our so-called “life saving” overlords. We survived without them for centuries, and our leading African villages continue to do so. Have you stopped to ask: why do we need these firemen? What have they ever done for me?


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