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Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson sold monogamy to the US youth — why do Republicans hate this?

A woman engaged in willing sex with her husband. Somehow, this has made the sex-negative conservatives hate even traditional marriage.

In yet another win for women, a fierce candidate stepped up against the Republican menace. A man out to wreak havoc on women, minorities, taxes, healthcare, and hashish regulation. And, by their 1950’s logic, she of course has to be taken down a peg.

Why, you ask? Oh, they don’t need no reason. A woman engaged in willing sex with her husband. Somehow, this has made the sex-negative conservatives hate even traditional marriage… And this time they are targeting the Democratic candidate in house District 57.

“It won’t intimidate me and it won’t silence me”

– Susanna Gibson

For us who know history, we also know the alarming trend that keeps reappearing. Whenever righteousness starts to peek out its weary head, evil will act by all means against in. In a move not unlike the attack by President Snow against Katniss of District 12, propaganda has started to flow. This time, malicious actors stole video footage that the senator-to-come shared with a few onlookers.

They tried to use the footage as sexual Blackmail against Susanna. But she is standing up against it. In the video, she is seen allegedly performing sexual acts with her HUSBAND in the privacy of their homes, and in the privacy of a non-public live video channel. Suddenly, the party that wants workers to survive off their beneficial tips take offence at the tip-taking nurse.

A woman, who has been fighting not only covid, the Plague of Trumpinian, has now taken up the fight against anti-abortion rights. We were told that it was about the rights of the child, but we see the true face: they want to control every aspect of women’s bodies.

“It was never my plan to run for office. But after Roe was overturned, I knew I needed to step up”

– Susanna Gibson

Who, in their right mind, would see sex in marriage as a tripwire for office? Do we need to remind conservatives where babies come from again?

First they came for the unwed. Now marriage will not even save you

Darling, you are a Dalit

In the Indian sub-continent, prior to the subjugation of the British, a system of order existed. People were classified into groups, think Apartheid without the racism, and their work and life followed this.

People who were the lowest class, the Dalit, could not hold office, could not have a voice, and were left with jobs meant for them. A class decided their jobs, and their jobs decided their role in society.

While we “Westerners” pretend that we are not in this state, look at this! They believe that she is a “whore” and she may therefore not hold office. The SAME PEOPLE elected a man who was literally bragging about all the women he has fucked! How does her choice to record some material in the privacy of her home make her ANY LESS of an ideal candidate? How does this make her excellent points that will bring the state forward have any less bearing on reality?

Virginia needs no virgin. Virginia needs leaders. And a woman is allowed to lead in bed, in swimming, and wherever she damn well pleases. You sick fucks are cheering for revenge porn. “marriage need not be boring” is an important message to send to our youth. But suddenly, “tradlife” is not good enough for the party of grief.


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