Wednesday, January 20, 2021

    Analysis of the Racism Existing in the Mario Franchise

    The Super Mario Bros. franchise is full of hidden agendas and racist connotations that you've most likely overlooked.The series looks like it is all...

    An In-Depth Discussion on the Problematic Nature of Minecraft – A Psychojournalism Viewpoint

    Everyone seems to have heard of this “Minecraft” phenomenathat has been going through the rounds again through today’s children. Concerned parents, please read on. In...

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    Skip Christmas This Year – Donate To Victims of Racism Instead

    To celebrate Christmas is to celebrate white supremacy and the racism inherent in American society. To stand by while so many people are being oppressed every day is to be complicit in that oppression. That's why the team here at Cinch News urges all of our white readers to skip opening presents this season and instead give gifts to others.