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“Elden Ring” will Drown in the Same Abyss of Racism and Misogyny that Swallowed “Dark Souls”

The Summer Game Fest was an exciting event for journalists and gamers alike. We were finally given answers to our most important questions:

“Is Elden Ring even real?” Yes, it is!

“When is Elden Ring expected to release?” Next year! (2022)

But one important question remained unanswered, “Will Elden Ring be a journalist approved game?” Though we will not have a definitive answer until our journalists get their hands on the review copy, we can still make an educated guess by looking at earlier titles made by developer FromSoftware.

FromSoftware’s largest and most successful project thus far has been “Dark Souls”. Initially released all the way back in 2011, this critically acclaimed game quickly became popular by providing gamers with a grueling challenge, along with providing gamers with an innovative online multiplayer system. Just about any topic regarding Dark Souls has been talked about already, with one important exception. There is an enormous elephant in the room that Dark Souls fans have refused to address up until this very day. Namely, that the game is rooted in hatred and misogyny. And we do not care if the community is not ready to talk about it yet. We are still going to have that conversation.

And so, Globe Media Holdings journalists Neville (Xe/Xir) and Robert (they/them) took it upon themselves to journey through the forbidding land of “Lordran” and uncover its many secrets. They infiltrated ruined castles, traversed poisonous swamps, visited ancient cities of old Gods, and then proceeded to link the fire. Most importantly however, they uncovered the mysteries of the lore and discovered many hidden yet problematic elements that slipped under the radar of even the wisest of lore-enthusiasts. What is upsetting is that to find most of those elements, you do not have to look further than the opening cinematic itself.

At the very start of your adventure in “Dark Souls”, you are shown an informative video explaining the history of the world. Long ago, the world was ruled by Dragons of Color. Then, a pygmy lord discovered the White Soul within a flame. He used the power from this Soul to launch a crusade against the Dragons. A genocide ensued, and a kingdom named “Lordran” was built. One day, the kingdom was prosperous, and its people civilized, but now it is decayed, with the people being nothing more than mindless hollows. The reason for the decline of civilization is implied to be that a dark energy known as “humanity”, which was carried by a small number of POCs, began to spread among the populace. This became a threat to the white Gods and their “Age of Light”, resulting in them fleeing the kingdom, leaving the POCs to starve and rot in the wasteland.

A “humanity sprite” of color

I must give Fromsoftware credit. It is truly astounding how much racist imagery they managed to squeeze into the opening cinematic. It is also unacceptable. But what is most shocking, is how all of this has remained unnoticed by the community for what has been almost an entire decade. Thankfully, Neville and Robert took their time to produce a video that goes into even more detail about the lore of Dark Souls. If this article will not wake up the gaming community to the horrors of Dark Souls, then hopefully their video will. After all, what I managed to cover in this article is just the tip of the iceberg.

Neville and Robert’s in-depth analysis of “Dark Souls”

Note that “Robert Downey Jr.” mentioned in the video was used as a “gamertag” and has no relation to the American actor.

However, we are not done yet. You see, Dark Souls is part of a trilogy. There are two other games left that need to be analyzed. Thankfully, we will not have to go as in-depth about the other games, as all games in the trilogy take place in the same world and explore similar themes. All three games are ultimately about linking the fire and rooting out the Black humanity so that the white Gods can continue enjoying their privilege. However, there are many smaller subplots and tales told in the games that have undoubtedly left marks that are just as terrible as those left by the main story.

Let’s begin with Dark Souls II. One of the more significant stories told in this game, besides the main story, is the tale of Velstadt and Raime. The story of these twin knights is used to send a racist message about the supposed threat that Black culture poses. The game uses light to represent the Christian God, while using darkness to represent Black culture. The white man Velstadt discovers light in the depths of the Undead Crypt, which inspires him to remain loyal to his hollowed King until his own death. But the Black and stereotypical Raime does not believe in loyalty. Instead, he is scorched Black by flame, and spends the rest of his days selfishly robbing unfortunate travelers of their Souls. 

The “good” knight Velstadt praying to his light.

Dark Souls III is not quite as problematic when it comes to the sub-plots. It appears that FromSoftware knew better than to pull the same trick thrice.  However, the main story remains unmistakably similar to the prior games in the trilogy. The world becomes consumed by darkness, and it is your duty to prevent the natural course of nature by artificially maintaining the “Age of Light” which, if you recall, was built on a foundation of colonialism and genocide. 

All things considered; it is not looking pretty for fans of FromSoftware. Elden Ring will most likely end up being a hate game just like its predecessors. But hope is not quite lost yet! There is a chance that FromSoftware may have finally learned from their mistakes. Still though, our usual advice applies even more here than it does for other unreleased games. Do not pre-order games that are not approved yet, but instead wait for our journalists to give the games a shot. We will tell you what games you can play!

For more journalist approved games, please view Inclusive Gamers and our articles on unapproved games like Animal Crossing, Super Mario, Minecraft, and why gaming in general needs to be changed.

Monogamous Relationships Are Unethical: A Response to Personality Girl and Countere Magazine

I just read an article in Countere Magazine that physically made my blood boil. The name of this filth: “Uncomfortable Slut: The Dark Side of Polyamory.” In this article, the author “The Personality Girl” tries to argue that polyamory is unnatural, uncomfortable, and unethical. She mocks primary partners, secondaries, and the special relationships that polyamorous people build.

From the jump the author fails to acknowledge her western-colonialist perspective. Polyamory, like many sustainable practices, originates in indigenous cultures. Monogamy in its current form was created by the white supremacist Catholic Church as a way to control the bodies of nonbinary and cis women. The very idea of monogamy originates in capitalistic world views concerning “ownership” of other people.

In indigenous societies—before the spread of white supremacist colonialism—many BIPOC were allowed to experience sexual joy with whomever they wanted. The tribe functioned as a chosen family that practiced collectivism, including in regards to sexual matters, though very little was done nonconsensually. Rabbits are seen as cute and innocent, yet have constant sex with different partners—so why do we see nonbinary and cis women any differently?

Polyamory doesn’t cause jealousy. Capitalistic and colonialist systems instill jealousy in infants, along with other world-views such as racism and sexism. We are literally bred to fight each other. However, when we are finally able to collectively adopt BIPOC-centered worldviews that prioritize sharing and honoring nature, as well as decolonizing our minds, we would find that when we don’t think of “owning” other people, we cease to feel emotions like jealousy.

After making a laughable attempt to discredit polyamory, the author makes a feeble case for monogamy by saying that “Every person can be perfect” in a “holy gaze.” This literally made me angrily spit out the coffee I was drinking. 

Please, girl. A “holy gaze” from who? An imaginary white-bearded man in the sky above a rock floating in space? By the way, lots of people are not perfect, no matter what imaginary gaze you subject them to. Lots and lots of people, especially today, are Nazis and fascists and while I’m not going to say they all deserve to die, I’d be pretty damn happy if they did. Does The Personality Girl and Countere Magazine believe that transphobic neo-Nazis are perfect in a “holy gaze?”

At the end of her article, this author makes an analogy to The Little Prince, and how he was stranded on a planet with one rose, why that’s special, because it was “his rose.” Sure, I guess that works if you’re trapped on a planet with a literal rose. But many of us are trapped in hellish relationships with our abusers, with parents who actively oppress and discriminate JLGBTQIA+ children, and it’s gaslighting to demand we just give our abuser a “holy gaze.” By the way, I would argue that having a garden is way more beautiful than having just one rose. But keep depriving yourselves of pleasure, Christians.

There’s no afterlife. This is why I’m an antinatalist. I didn’t choose to be born. Life is full of suffering from beginning to end. We’re literally birthed alone into pain and forced to work as a slave until we die alone and in pain. When it comes down to it, that’s what life is. Everything else is coping with that horrible fact. And one of the only good things we’ve inherited—the ability to orgasm—is policed by fascist authoritarians and patriarchal writers. So I encourage you to come as much and as hard as you want. Masturbation is a sign of resistance.

That this article would be published isn’t any surprise. When I look through the other pages of “Countere Magazine,” I see that they also endorse what sounds like a crypto-fascist (not to mention anti-science) movement known as “raw egg nationalism” and have interviewed known white male murderers such as John McAfee, as well as pieces that somehow seriously equate the heroic essential frontline workers of last year with weightlifters (seriously). It is no surprise to me that they would publish such patriarchal propaganda by The Personality Girl.

I hate these people. The author and people behind this magazine seem to be pretty young, so I beg them to retract this article as it’s honestly embarrassing—more so if the author wants to apply to a somewhat decent grad school or job one day. They’ve discredited themselves with such hateful articles and I wish them the worst.

With “GPI” Progressives Have Finally Walked Past Bigotry, When Will Feminists?

Throughout the history of human civilization, societies have always been plagued by disease. Perhaps the most commonly known phenomenon is the Black Death, which proved to be the end for nearly 25 million people living in medieval Europe. Scientific development has since greatly diminished the fear for infectious disease, by providing us with antibiotics and advanced medication. However, there are diseases left that are immune to modern antibiotics and medication. To be categorized under the grander umbrella term of “Hate”, modern societies are plagued with sexism, racism, bigotry and many other diseases. 

Millions have suffered at the behest of what were considered universal truths, upheld by patriarchal societal norms. Though hatred has been an accepted concept, it has never been without opponents. Institutional racism still fights face to face with warriors of the Civil Rights movement, and sexism continually proves to be the weaker combatant in the battle for gender equality. However, there is a lesson which self-proclaimed feminists still neglect to learn. Namely, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

For as beneficial as the healing waves of Feminism have been, no waves should ever be left unwatched and uncontrolled, lest they flood society itself and indiscriminately consume not only that which is evil, but also that which is virtuous. 

Within spaces such as the JLGBTQIA+ and the BIPOC community, a common enemy has been identified and exposed. Exclusivity (say it louder for the people in the back). The community that once identified themselves as simply “LGBT” did not need much convincing to open its borders to guests and expand their label. Trans people feel at home within the community, but so do non-binary, genderfluid, grey-agender and demisexual individuals. Members of the once exclusive community named “Black People” or “African Americans”, have similarly experienced a positive change of heart, redefining their identity to promote inclusivity towards oppressed members of the brown -and indigenous communities. Hence the sudden yet expected rise of the term BIPOC. 

Feminism on the other hand, has made futile endeavors to keep up with the developments seen in other progressive circles. Attempts were made to highlight and remove those who falsely believe trans women not to be identical to biological women. But that begs the question: how can a Feminist NOT be trans-exclusionary, if they value members of the gender-binary more than those who diverge from the norm? Sure, they can pretend to care about transgender women, but their disinterest in the rights of genderdivergent people proves that they are merely bad actors in an otherwise brilliant film. The term TERF is left like an awkward and pleonasm, spoken by bad-faith actors in a language with diminishing room for intolerance. 

And so, the elephant remains comfortably seated in the room, benefiting from women’s rights while exploiting those who are now violently shoved into the formerly female-occupied marginalized position. But what CAN feminists do? Leaving behind feminism as a whole would abandon many indispensable values core to the utopian and very egalitarian world in which our society is headed. Feminism is not masculinity: we cannot let it rot in the oubliette which it itself created. Instead, we must look at our comrades, take inspiration from their successful strategies, and understand that we don’t have to let go of our past to enter the future.

All we have to do is redefine the term by which we identify. And the greatest part? Well, ex-feminists have already done the work or us. Familiarize yourself with GPI: Gender Positive Inclusionist. Unlike a feminist, a GPI is not satisfied when only one gender is alleviated from the terrors of oppression. Unlike a feminist, a GPI doesn’t have to worry about members of their community not supporting transgender teens or nonbinary, demifluid, genderblender, grey-asexuals, etc. GPI has fewer characters and is easier to type than feminist, so it won’t hurt your tweets. Lastly, GPI will fit right in with the trend that fellow progressive circles have started, of using abbreviations such as JLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. 

So, were you previously afraid to speak up against the discrimination within feminism, in fear of being excluded? Were you afraid that you wouldn’t fit in? Well, you might as well thank our journalists for the hard work that we have put in, because now you don’t have to be!

Despite everything falling apart in the US and abroad, here’s FIVE fun reasons we are still ‘Ridin’ With Biden’


5/12/2021 | EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve added BONUS REASONS thanks to Neville Croft and Jamie Croft.

With war quickly looming between Iran and Israel, pipeline hacking, continued riots in major cities and more damage from the response to Covid-19 than the virus itself – it can be easy to say ex-President Donald Trump would’ve been more ideal to get things done.

However, when we resort to gauging the success of an administration by its actions (or lack thereof) rather than its kindness, we truly lose sight of what a government should do for us.

While employers are still finding it hard to attract applicants with wages that won’t immediately shut that business down, we still think it is very generous of the government to help the unemployed stay afloat and then some.

Here are a quick five more reasons why we do not regret voting for Biden:

  1. No more inappropriate tweets
  2. He provided cookies at a press conference
  3. He is known as “Joe” which is friendlier than “Trump”
  4. He makes the presidency seem achievable.
  5. He doesn’t tweet nonsense


  1. Biden builds barriers of peace where Trump erected inappropriate walls.
  2. Biden moved all the kids in cages to overflow centers.
  3. Biden has eliminated racism.
  4. Biden is a down to earth guy.

Keep this in mind as we move into whatever the future looks like for us.

Fighting the Good Fight: It’s Time To Abolish Gendered Days

As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, we once again celebrate one holiday that has become an important part of society. Yes, I am talking about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. While these holidays are culturally valuable, they were created over 100 years ago when the United States was a far less inclusive country. It is now time to reform them to make them less discriminatory.

Mother’s Day was invented in 1908 by Anna Jarvis to honor the sacrifices that mothers made for their children. It was later declared a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson, one of the most bigoted presidents in American history. Father’s Day was created soon after, likely due to the inflated egos of men who couldn’t stand with women having their own holiday. It wasn’t established as a national holiday until Richard Nixon, another bigoted president, declared it in 1972. These holidays may have been relevant in the past, but today they are actually harmful and discriminatory to marginalized groups of people.

It’s common knowledge that there are more than two genders, upwards to the three-thousands at this point, as well as those who are transgender (Transgender definition), nonbinary (Nonbinary definition), or who do not confine to any gender. Yet for some reason transgender/nonbinary individuals and other parents who do not identify as male or female do not have a holiday to be honored as parents. To these people, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not only blatantly offensive holidays, but a sign that they are not welcome. This is a very basic form of discrimination and cannot go unanswered. In order to right the wrongs that we as a country have made, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day must be abolished and replaced with a more inclusive holiday.

(Photo by Getty Images)

One option to replace Mother’s Day with the non-gendered term: Birthing Person’s Day. This day would be inclusive for all individuals and genders who are able to, or with the desire to birth. For example, used by Congresswoman Cori Bush in the tweet below and the excellent quote RT by NARAL.

Another way to make honoring parents more inclusive is to create a non-male parent day. Because let’s be honest here, the only reason that Father’s Day was created was to take away from the hard work, dedication, and 10 seconds of thanks for people of birthing. Fathers sacrifice far less than birthing people and nonbinary individuals. Studies have shown that birthing people are more likely to take a break from work after a baby is born than men. 

Another problem that America faces, even with pregnancy is racism. Studies also show that Black people of birthing are more likely to have complications with insurance, birth complications, and overall healthcare malpractice.

While it is clear that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are discriminatory towards nonbinary people and other marginalized groups; nothing has been done to make it inclusive. As the two holidays come around be sure to celebrate the sacrifices your parents have made while taking action to make sure nonbinary people are included in the celebrations. Some actions you can take include: petitioning the Biden administration to change the holidays into a single, more inclusive day; donating to Black trans/nonbinary parents; or donating to organizations who help impoverished JLGBTQ+ families.

Inherited PTSD: The Centuries-Old Trauma Behind Modern-Day Slavery


What is the number one reason behind the continued oppression and low economic status of BIPOC in the United States? White supremacy. Just behind white supremacy? Internalized white supremacy. But in a close third? That’s right: It’s inherited PTSD. And as a white person, it’s your responsibility to support the BIPOC communities working to eliminate the “injustice of prior generations” from their lives. But just what is inherited PTSD, anyways?

What is inherited PTSD?

Slavery is still alive and well in the United States. In the generations since Gregoria Wash-N’Gon emancipated her Black brothers and sisters from the white man’s plantations, plenty of social change has happened – but the biological memories of enslaved ancestors remain fresh in the psyche of every BIPOC living in America today. Inherited PTSD is a widely-accepted scientific fact, too. An abundance of study-based research strongly suggests that traumatic experiences (i.e. being a victim of slavery) can be passed down through someone’s genes into their/xir offspring. This means that literally every Person of Color descended from an African-American slave has inherited their trauma – and most likely has crippling anxiety/fear because of it.

What can I do to help?

The most important step to helping BIPOC in their fight against inherited trauma is to AVOID TRIGGERING THEIR PTSD!!! Beyond monetary donations and reparations to BIPOC and their local communities, simply avoiding PTSD triggers and eliminating potential triggers when you see them is the EASIEST and most FUN way to aid trauma-afflicted POC! This means that when a POC tells you to “stop being a honky,” or to “give me your wallet, honky,” you had better do what they say – failing to do so may trigger their PTSD!

Below is a list of common triggers for slavery-inherited trauma. Please refrain from ever using these words around people of color as you may trigger their inherited PTSD if you do!

Potential Triggers

Verbal Blackface

Words like the n-word, “y’all”, “bruh”, and “finna” belong to Black culture. White people appropriating these words may trigger inherited trauma related to cultural appropriation. Just like you are stealing Black culture, white slavers stole native Africans from their homelands.

Conflicting Opinions / Delegitimized Identity

On plantations, BIPOC were never allowed to have their own opinions or their own identities. Questioning the views of a Person of Color or attempting to delegitimize their JLGBTQIA+ identity may trigger their inherited trauma. Just as you are delegitimizing their identity, white landowners dehumanized them under the systems of “chattel” slavery.

“Friend” Talk

It is too often that BIPOC are addressed casually by their white peers. By using informal/demeaning language to black folk (e.g. “hey there,” “what’s up”) or even using harmful casual connotations like “friend” or “buddy” rather than “mistress” or “your highness,” you may trigger inherited trauma stemming from a lack of respect granted slaves by their white masters.

Incorrect Capitalization

One of the easiest offenses to correct for, and yet an all-too common one. Failing to capitalize “Black” as a proper noun (in accordance with the AP styleguide) is a major trigger for many people of color, as it implies a rejection of Black culture and Black identity. In the words of the Associated Press, “black is a color, not a person.”


This is the big one. Daring to contradict or refuse a command or request given to them  by a person of color is probably the single most offensive and triggering thing that a white person can do in 2021. As the entire system of slavery depended on white structures of power to deny the whims of BIPOC, any return to those power structures can and will trigger panic attacks, mood swings, or, in some cases, death brought on by inherited trauma. This one is simple. Just do what people of color tell you to. It’s not that complicated, and you could save lives by doing so.

Based on the information we have and insights from local Black spiritual and community leaders, we’ve devised the following demands to begin the reparation process:

1.) Reduced criminal penalties and no jail time for “crime”
2.) Free college/tuition at major universities and colleges for Black people and their families
3.) Reparation payments to the effect of $1,300 a month (non-taxable)
4.) Mandatory government representation by Black people. At least 50% or more of every governmental body should be Black.
5.) If a company has a wh*te CEO then there must be a Black CEO to accompany them.

6.) During hiring for any job, if a Black person has equal or slightly lower qualifications than a wh*te candidate(s), then the Black person MUST be hired.
7.) Free healthcare for all Black people and their families (the best private healthcare, not government healthcare)
8.) Work disciplinary practices must be amended to provide protections for Black people and more strict reporting and requirements for businesses in order to discipline a Black person.
9.) Forbid disciplinary actions against Black students from grades 1-12.
10.) Give housing allowances – $1600 for single, $3000 for families of up to 4, $3000 + $1000 per dependent on families over 4.

The Only Thing Standing in the Way of Democratic Socialism? White Men.

In the last few weeks we have seen a spate of mass shootings caused by white men. While bad-faith actors in the media have pointed out a small minority of these shooters were not white, these shootings are ultimately the result of an ideology of white supremacy that promotes violence, hyper-sexualizes women, and encourages gun culture.

Anti-Asian Racism Resources: Donations, Books, Podcasts, Films

While some might claim that racism or prejudice are the biggest problems in our society, it is worth looking at the actual perpetrators of racism and prejudice. Empty platitudes like “Judge people on the content of their character, not their color” actively cause harm when we fail to recognize that it is one group throughout history that is responsible for virtually all the violence, racism, and pollution in our modern world. That group is white men.

It is white men who commit the vast majority of all mass shootings. It is white men who colonized the world, inflicting untold suffering on native populations. It is white men are responsible for racist “redlining” policies in cities that trapped BIPOC in poverty. It is white men who were responsible for electing Donald Trump and instilling fascism at the highest levels of government.

It is Democratic Socialism that offers an alternative. Unlike capitalism, which emphasizes profit above all, Democratic Socialism emphasizes wellbeing, equity, peace, and prosperity. Democratic Socialist legislation like the Green New Deal, if implemented, would work to radically eliminate inequality, provide universal healthcare, and reverse the effects of climate change.

City of South Fulton, GA - Councilman khalid Explains Democratic Socialism

White people invented capitalism. BIPOC lead the Democratic Socialism movement; an authentic Democratic Socialist movement has no room for white leaders. You cannot rely on the oppressors to eliminate oppression. White people’s biggest contribution to the world has been genocide, colonization, and patriarchy. BIPOC, whose cultures emphasize egalitarianism and respect for nature, must be at the forefront of our movement.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez expertly explaining democratic socialism and other problems America is currently enduring.

While I personally will not call for violence against white men, as a white woman, I am not in a position to judge how oppressed and enslaved peoples react to their oppressors. I believe that white men should instead practice self-erasure, which means ceding property and generational wealth to Black and Brown people, as well as abstaining from having children. (Some white men think they should have children with BIPOC, but this can actually cause harm—white fathers are not equipped to raise BIPOC children or guide them through the adversity they will face in life).

I don’t mean to sound hyperbolic, but in our phase of late capitalism, the world risks complete destruction in as soon as 15 years. The climate crisis will create over 2 billion refugees and coastal states like Florida will disappear forever. It is imperative that whites and white-adjacent people—such as East Asians, Ashkenazic Jews, and light-skinned Hispanics—work to practice self-erasure and vote for Democratic Socialist politicians, while being careful not to take up space in the movement.

Only when white people have ceased to become a “race” will we be able to achieve Democratic Socialism.

Meghan Markle should become Queen of England. No, seriously.


The English royal family is an outdated, racist institution.

The English Empire, the largest in the history of the world by total land mass, gained its wealth by enslaving and plundering the riches of people of color.

Its white supremacist activities in Africa, India, and North America will rightfully be remembered as some of the greatest evils to ever afflict humankind. These atrocities were not done simply for England, but directly in the name of the English royal family, whose progeny sits on the throne today.

Amidst this horror, entered a stunningly beautiful, well-educated, and independently successful woman: Meghan Markle.

This was the best thing to ever happen to the royal family.

The Commonwealth of England is 60-70% people of color; finally they had a princess whose skin color matched their citizenry.

Markle was what the royal family so desperately needed: someone who could update the monarchy for the 21st century and hold the Commonwealth together after the Queen passed.

One represents the past. One represents the future.

Yet what did the royal family do? True to their racist roots, they cast her out.

Markle was the subject of vicious racism by the U.K. tabloids, and the family refused to protect her, instead letting narratives favoring her white sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, run amok. Markle should have never been forced to play second fiddle to Middleton, a privileged white woman who lacks the perspective to rule a diverse Commonwealth.

Additionally, the royal family inquired about the color of her future baby with Prince Harry, and when he was born, they refused to give Archie, a child of color, a royal title. Some will say that Markle and Harry left on their own, but when someone holds a gun to your head and screams for you to leave their house, it’s not really “voluntary.”

Now, Markle and Harry are living in America, cruelly forced to work for money and stripped of their “Royal Highness” titles. Many people of color in the Commonwealth and their white allies are showing disgust at such racist treatment—indeed, Barbados recently announced it was leaving the Commonwealth. I would not be surprised if this is the beginning of the end of the royal family.

There is only one way they can make this right.

The royal family needs to immediately accept Markle and Prince Harry back and restore their titles. Their ideas of “duty” are outdated, and steeped in racist notions—Markle and Prince Harry should be allowed to continue their careers while representing the Queen. And ultimately, the royal line of succession (another outdated concept based on patriarchal notions) should be altered so that Prince Harry and Markle, and their Black baby, Archie, will succeed to the throne upon Queen Elizabeth’s passing—ultimately becoming the first Black King of England.

From the beginning, Markle has displayed an uncanny resemblance to the late Princess Diana.

Now, I know that may sound unrealistic—but ultimate authority to change the rules lies on the Queen’s shoulders. Although she represents racism and colonialism, there is no doubt that she has an interest in continuing the royal family, and the most sustainable way to do so would be to ensure that a person of color sits upon the throne.

Markle was the greatest asset that the royal family ever had. She was Princess Diana 2.0. Even though she had no knowledge of the royal family beforehand, she serendipitously displayed many of the same traits as Diana, from her charitable tendencies right down to her natural poise.

But history is repeating itself—and not for the better. Markle is what Diana should have been, and the royal family needs to immediately welcome her back, with a central role in the country’s future.

Another instance of Markle paying homage to Diana. Slay, queen!

If this is not done, then abolition needs to take place—and by that, I mean abolishing the royal family. There is no future for the House of Windsor without Meghan Markle. And if they truly want to make reparations for their historical atrocities, they need to install Markle as Queen, with Harry by her side. I can’t think of a more powerful statement in the history of Great Britain.

God save the Queen? No. God save Meghan Markle.

COVID-19 is undeniably dangerous, but is Trump more dangerous?

NOTE: This article was released on July 10, 2019 via The Inside Scoop, our partner site. Most of the information is outdated except for how big of a monster Cheeto Trump is. We are bringing it back for further contemplation.

To date, COVID-19 has spread to over 300,000 victims and caused the deaths of over 10,000. There is still no known vaccine or treatment available that offers complete recovery. It is publicly known to be one of the biggest threats to human life in 2020. But, is Trump even more dangerous?

Dr. Gary Jones of the Hawking Research Institute released a statement on Saturday, March 21st, 2020, that provided a striking analysis of Trump’s response to the pandemic that is sweeping the nation.

Almost every urban neighborhood that has declared a quarantine is largely inhabited by POC Americans. Quarantines typically involve a large authority presence which is, naturally, damaging to black/brown folks.

Dr. Gary Jones

“We have tried to analyze every community that has experienced five or more confirmed COVID-19 cases in order to do this study, but a lot of our data had to be opinion-based and conjecture. However, we believe that it is as accurate as can be given the circumstances,” reported Dr. Jones.

According to the CDC, they have not seen this study but have admitted that some studies have been performed and it is likely to be real.

“Almost every urban neighborhood that has declared a quarantine is largely inhabited by POC Americans. Quarantines typically involve a large authority presence which is, naturally, damaging to black/brown folks,” continues Dr. Jones in this groundbreaking report, “So it is suspicious that the Trump government would be so quick to enact these controls in brown neighborhoods versus white neighborhoods with the only reasoning being that ‘there are no infected cases’.”

Is it possible that Donald Trump had a hand in COVID-19 as a means of downplaying his impeachment trial?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. It is possible, of course, as most things are possible and we wouldn’t immediately write it off. However, it is also possible to not be the case.

But, let’s look at the facts. Trump was impeached not even a year ago and suddenly a novel virus is sweeping the nation. This is awfully coincidental, especially considering that Trump is no stranger to viruses.

Luckily, not all of us are so easily distracted.

The amount of publications focusing on Trump’s response has been reassuring. Almost as if there is no flu at all, American media is putting politics first and monitoring Trump more closely than they are the flu.

Almost every time you turn around, you get to read Trump and Coronavirus in the same sentence. Is it fair? Yes, because he might be responsible for millions of deaths.

As the world shuts down, Trump is still being violent and racist.

Trump never lets an opportunity to be violent or racist pass him by. Most recently, he enacted a European travel ban, using the virus as an excuse, and effectively kept Muslims from entering the country. Of all people, Trump knew best that Europe had taken in the most Middle Eastern refugees and likely considered this when decided on who to ban travel from frist.

So what should be done in order to prevent a worldwide disaster?

  • Trump needs to immediately resign and allow Hillary Clinton to serve as interim president until the Democratic primaries are completed.
  • All Trump Administration officials must subject to a federal investigation for their part in the presidency’s hate crimes.
  • A Reparations Bill must be passed immediately to give relief to POC folks and help remedy the sins of our past.
  • We need a vaccine.

Maybe, we are just dreaming and assuming that there’s any shred of humanity left in Donald Trump’s scaly body to do the right thing.

But one thing is for sure – if Trump isn’t removed, the world is facing a bigger danger than the Coronavirus.

Quick Run-Down on the “Super Straight” Movement and Why It’s Almost Literally Murder

Despite several decades of disgusting and violent rhetoric dominating the internet and preventing a truly inclusive space, we are still somehow caught by surprise when the hate-filled and fragile wh*te men outdo themselves in the race to be as disgusting and shrewd as possible.

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Enter: the Super Straight movement

Started by Tik Tok user @kyleroyce, the Super Straight fad appears to be, based on face value, an attempt by a disenfranchised and devalued group of persyns that want to encourage understanding and acceptance of their sexuality.

However, anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on earth understands that being straight has been the widely accepted social norm for all of perceivable time and is more violent than it is oppressed.

Luckily, iconic QUEEN of Tik Tok @tblizzy shut down the entire movement with this internet-breaking “YAS QUEEN” moment!

@tblizzy is someone we STAN!

Naturally, @tblizzy would receive a lot of hate for standing up for trans folx and shutting down this idiotic attempt to enter our safe spaces.

Their obsession with her was exemplified by her almost two dozen videos noting that she doesn’t care about their hate.

This movement serves to somehow normalize transphobia and allow bigots to excuse their extremely violent and toxic sexual preferences that leave out important members of our community – trans folx.
As we’ve said previously, it should be HIGHLY encouraged for any straight-identifying persyn to have at least one sexual encounter with a trans persyn in order to open their eyes.

Additionally, we will continue to pursue the social implementation of a pseudo law that eliminates the need or pressure for a trans persyn to disclose which sexual organ they have prior to sexual intercourse with a mate.

Social - Are you Super Straight? | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing  Discussion
his graphic has been widely circulated with the movement as a whole and it is important to note that the top left image almost forms a pentagram which further solidifies the theory that “super straights” are on par with devil worshippers.

As has been made clear by many recent studies, trans folx are more likely to be killed by scorned wh*te male lovers than any other group of people.

In other words, the core of the “Super Straight” movement is the reason trans folx are being slaughtered en masse and will only help this number of deaths increase.

I, for one, question the sexuality of anyone who tries so hard to erase any possibility of their sexual preference being anything but the cis normative.

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