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Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin (he/him) is credited with revolutionizing the culture & politics blogosphere through his intellectual prowess and innovative coverage of America's most dangerous subcommunities. From incels to the alt-right, Caleb has exposed them all. Though his career began on the front-lines of a culture war, McLaughlin is now heroically reporting from the Ukraine-Russia border, and has vowed to singlehandedly expose the atrocities of war. We can only hope that he succeeds in this noble mission.


Stranger Things: Eddie Munson Was the Gay Icon We Didn’t Deserve

While everyone is talking about Will's scene with Mike trying to announce his feelings, or how they are hopeful for Robin and Vickie's relationship. Nobody is talking about how Eddie is our gay hero...

If everyone stops driving for one week, we can flatten the gas price curve

Experts from the Biden Administration have come up with a familiar plan that they promise will work better this time.

Biden’s moniker for Trump failed so we made a better one

Biden's valiant attempt to denounce Trump by referring to him as a king somehow failed but as sworn defenders of the Democratic party, we picked up the slack.

Could abortions save the planet? The answer may surprise you

Hot on the heels of the oncoming climate apocalypse is the fight for women's rights. Experts say the two may be more interlinked than you initially thought.