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Republicans caused the Nashville shooting. Here’s how.

As the nation continues to mourn the tragic loss of life in the recent Nashville school shooting, questions have been raised about the role of mental health care, specifically gender-affirming care, in preventing such tragedies.

Reddit finally banned “bounty hunters” targeting drag queens for profit

On March 12th, Reddit admins decided to ban r/DragBountyHunters, a subforum dedicated to reporting drag queens in Texas for 5000 dollars. At the time...

Inside the Ohio disaster: why we need to ban trains now

The Ohio train derailment has brought the modern rail system into question.

Hero vegans attacked for exposing alt-right Country Balls community

Activists from HIV has thrown the entire internet into chaos as they expose a secret alt-right community that may be pulling the strings of fascist Republicans probably.

Biden’s classified leak isn’t the problem. The government shouldn’t have secrets in the first place.

The gains made in the last decades have been to “ease the access” of information. Why have we not required less to be hidden in the first place? Why have we grown so accustomed to having so much information hidden from us?