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6 reasons why it’s good that Biden expanded domestic surveillance

So what if Biden rescinded protections against government surveillance? We should trust the government with the ability to get ahead of scandals and whistleblowers.

Queen Elizabeth’s health concerns paves way for her rightful successor, Queen Meghan

Earlier Thursday, the royal family announced the monarch was “under medical supervision.” https://twitter.com/MamerEric/status/1567918129237336064?s=20&t=1S8WiMW_GF_seEW9T2N_2A Should the Queen die, the Duke and Duchess will prepare to fly back...

Biden’s moniker for Trump failed so we made a better one

Biden's valiant attempt to denounce Trump by referring to him as a king somehow failed but as sworn defenders of the Democratic party, we picked up the slack.

Stolen valor or the U.S. Military: Which is worse?

Stolen valor, according to its detractors, is "disrespectful." Many would go so far as to call it a "mockery of all those who have...

Trump caused the high gas prices and here’s why

It’s no secret that Americans are facing the brunt of the crisis in Ukraine. Low income families, such as the African American community, have...