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Here’s why the US adding a new sales tax to fund Ukraine helps everyone

As selfish US citizens criticize the aid we give to Ukraine, it is time to bake in our funding of their war into our tax code so we don't have to worry about it anymore.

Neopronouns: as old as the Neolithic era

In pre-Christian European and Indic languages, a person didn’t have to “choose” he/him or she/her, instead they could choose up to 100 different pronouns, for at least three genders, plural or non-plural, and in counts of one, two (e.g. two-spirit folks), or more than two. The inflection of words was also personalized, and they could include use cases and contexts like locative, instrumental case, and many others.

Inside the Ohio disaster: why we need to ban trains now

The Ohio train derailment has brought the modern rail system into question.

How the american shooting down of the Chinese balloon may be an act of war under international law. And the racist history behind why...

On February 4th, american fighter pilots shot down an expensive Chinese UAV airship. While the main reasons as for why haven't been disclosed to...

Meet the new generation of eco-friendly war profiteers

Europeans have this colonial mindset that we get to profit from African wars. It should be the Africans themselves profiting from their own wars. Africans care for green solutions in their war supplies, such as up-cycling trucks to be used as mobile machine gun nests when available.