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Could communal toilets solve the gendered bathroom crisis? What an African village taught me

Visiting an African village opened my eyes to true bathroom policy progress. You need to go? You went, in front of people. Why should we fear our nature?

Is Argentina’s victory over France a victory for white supremacy?

With Argentina's rather sordid past, the media and influencers everywhere agree that racism has just proven to be the biggest problem facing the world.

Queen Elizabeth’s health concerns paves way for her rightful successor, Queen Meghan

Earlier Thursday, the royal family announced the monarch was “under medical supervision.” https://twitter.com/MamerEric/status/1567918129237336064?s=20&t=1S8WiMW_GF_seEW9T2N_2A Should the Queen die, the Duke and Duchess will prepare to fly back...

Five budgeting tips so you can donate to both BLM and Ukraine despite rising cost of living

It can get pretty exhausting, specifically on your wallet, to support everyone and everything that makes it into the news. Let us give back with some tips.

The Ghost of Kyiv confirmed to be a pansexual transgender woman

Sources in Ukraine have confirmed that the hero ace pilot is a cute female who identifies outside of the gender and sex binary, marking a huge win for the trans-rights movement.