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Azamat Khan
Azamat Khan
I am of African origin and I live in Turkey. I have a PhD in political science or journalism.

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How the american shooting down of the Chinese balloon may be an act of war under international law. And the racist history behind why it was shot down.

On February 4th, american fighter pilots shot down an expensive Chinese UAV airship. While the main reasons as for why haven’t been disclosed to the public (with many conspiracy theories saying it was a spy aircraft or filled with sarin gas or according to some of the top minds of the internet (sarcasm intended), a literal nuke/ emp dedicated to cripple the glorious american race), its pretty easy to recognize that america was basically trying to goad China into another war. But this may be bigger than most realize. And if you want to understand why, you must understand the racist history of america, particulary against Chinese people.

While it is universally acknowledged that america is built upon racism, and it has a long list of racism against every non-white race (in this case the chinese), if we want to know the specific racism that led to the incident on February 4th, we have to go back to 2015. This was when Donald Trump started his neo-genocidal presidential campaign that targeted anyone who wasn’t a white, protestant, straight male. One of his primary targets, China, was an example of a successful BIBOC country, which despite colonization, CIA backed color “revolutions,” and economic terrorism (by america), managed to become the largest economy in the world (by PPP). In order to win the heart of the people in germany, Hitler had to gather them against a common enemy, the Jews. This time, Trump has many common enemies, and of course China and the Chinese people were included. Over the next couple of years, racist rhetoric ramed up against the Chinese. This includes but isn’t limited to: blaming them for losing Afghanistan, offshoring of jobs, and of course the Corona Virus.

Now in 2023, the racism and propaganda has become so ingrained in white americans that China is now an ultimate evil, their Babylon, Eastasia, or Goliath. Any small tragedy for the Chinese is a massive victory for the american race. Don’t believe me? Notice how any factory fire or liveleak video has comments like “common chink L” or “Winny the poo poo fail” or “China has fallen, its society collapsed.” The americans are so engrossed in propaganda that they fail to consider the grossness of their own propaganda and hypocrisy. For the past couple of decades or so, americans have always said that China is moments away from collapse, and genuinely believe you get sent to a concentration camp for calling Xi Jinping Winny the Poo. They also always whine about the Uighurs and their so-called oppression despite dropping bombs on millions of Muslims in Iraq because of a lie.

One of the more recent and relevant examples is the popping of the UAV. While Americans do worse to China with their military bases choking the mainland, they get pissy over one simple balloon. They are so stupid that they think that you get -20 social credit for criticizing the CCP, when in reality such systems are only experiments in certain cities that aren’t as strict as they claim, and they fail to consider that their country’s credit system resembles what they are describing more than the actual systems in China. Those in america also believe that China controls every aspect of american life, and that companies are secretly controlled by china and you are a “david” fighting against “goliath” for somehow “noticing” this. Our more readers would realize that this is resembling the second red scare, but the truth is it resembles a lot more like what happened in 1930s germany against the jews. Even now, america refuses to learn from the mistakes of its past, evidenced by the shooting down of the balloon and the rejection of Chinese students in universities (presumably to make more space for white students). Lets not forget that its is literally Chinese New Year, so to the americans blowing up a symbol of China would be spitting in China’s face. The shooting down of the balloon shows that america is willing to destroy Chinese property, pretty much declare war, and trample over international law if it means gaining a small victory over the Chinese people. While the logical thing to do would be for the international community to place sanctions and troops in america to prevent this sort of thing from happening again, the americans must also compensate the Chinese for destruction of government property, and eliminate a number of illegal american military bases along the Chinese coast, as well as educate its youth on the destructiveness of whiteness.


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