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Azamat Khan
Azamat Khan
I am of African origin and I live in Turkey. I have a PhD in political science or journalism.

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“Politically Blind.” Or what nazis are now calling each other to identify themselves online

When alt-righters keep on coming up with so many dog whistles (sneed, sharks, white lives matter, etc.), it becomes hard to keep track of them, which allows for violent and hateful language to seep into our everyday discussions. Thankfully, the researchers here at Cinch News Network have done a great job at uncovering their secretive lingo. The latest of which, “Politically blind” and “Blind”, seem to be taking the alt-right world by storm. But what do these mean, and how are they used?

When our researcher (also known as “Talon” or “SH Butler”) infiltrated five alt-right twitter group chats months ago, he noticed that they seemed so different it was nearly impossible to determine that they were from the same political movement. One was dedicated to “Rape Groypers against BAP and Jet Neptune,” another was an Afghan-based group chat centered around “vril” and McDonalds, “Brazillians and Indians united against Race Mixxing,” “Gooning GC,” and “Thug Shaker Central.” Despite these differences, they shared: a common hatred against our SBH’s ethnoreligious group, and a love for bizarre lingo. And the newest fashion in store was calling each other “politically blind” or “blind.”

According to our Talon, this jargon is the result of a play on words. When you pronounce the word “nazi,” it sounds like “not see.” And hence the usage of the word “blind,” as they “cannot see.” So in public spaces where they would normally get kicked out for publically identifying as a nazi, they call themselves “politically blind” and “blind” in order to find fellow “oomfies” without getting called out or banned. It should also be noted that the idea can also come from the fact that many centrists and “apoliticals” (both of which usually call themselves politically blind) have an unspoken agreement with nazi, in that if the nazis leave the centrists and apoliticals alone, they will ignore any hate perpetrated against historically marginalized groups by the nazis. The usage of the lingo is an acknowledgement of this agreement

Even in the shadows, using cryptography and bizarre made-up languages, alt-righters are still exposed and banned by us. Our researcher, SBH, has set up bots dedicated to analyzing, and mapping the alt-right sphere on X (formerly known as twitter), so he can file reports and get them banned off the platform. You can also help rid such types off the internet, by watching out for the crytic lingo used by (now former) friends, the trends that nazis (that are bold enough to show themselves publicly) follow, as well as follow as the same schemes as our friend Talon.

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