Cinch News is a satirical publication that ridicules mainstream media and modern journalism for their bias, lying and provocation of our country.

No, we aren’t right wing.

We’re not extremists.

We’re not white supremacists.

We are diverse in ethnicity, sexuality, gender, location and more.

Some of us are even politically liberal. By that, we mean actual liberalism. (Not this crazy, narcissistic idealistic and toxic political party posing as liberals.)

We oppose the American left wing progressives who keep racism alive so they can secure votes and have talking points.

As a caveat, we oppose mainstream media because they’re clearly proponents of the narratives crafted by the Democratic party in pursuit of political objectives at the cost of the people they were supposed to serve.

We believe the media has become the primary catalyst to the tension and hate in the United States and others.

Journalism originally was as an honorable service that provides information and increases awareness of events that are pertinent to a person’s life.

It is now a battle for attention and revenue through provocative headlines, misleading information, rushed stories, blatant bias and, worst of all, no accountability for compromising one of the most important services in a society.

So, if they are allowed to just make shit up and be nothing more than a propaganda outlet whilst denying any claim of bias – then so can we.

In fact, we will do it MORE blatantly and BETTER. If they think they’re such a prestigious and infallible group of people because they’re “journalists” then we will be journalists, too.

Will they see themselves in us? Probably not.

But it will be funny for the rest of us, at least.

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