What is Cinch News?

Cinch News is a satirical publication that ridicules mainstream media and modern journalism for their bias, lying, and provocation. Journalists have a moral duty to follow a common-sense ethical practice. Which, the Society of Professional Journalists defined here.

Mainstream journalists, for the most part, should be treated the same as most lawyers – bloodsucking parasites who capitalize on pain instead of a desire to help society.

Journalism originally was an honorable service that provides information and increases awareness of events that are pertinent to a person’s life. It is now a battle for attention and revenue through provocative headlines, surface-level research & misleading information,  rushed stories, blatant bias, name-calling, and worst of all, no accountability for compromising one of the most important services in society.

Who are we?

We aren’t MAGA rightoids. We’re not extremists. We’re not white supremacists. If you label us as such, you are only proving our point above. We are diverse in ethnicity, sexuality, gender, location, political identity, and more. We oppose the left-wing and the right-wing who both keep racism, sexism, classism, et al. alive so they can secure their votes and campaign donations.

As a caveat, we oppose mainstream media because they’re clearly proponents of the narratives crafted by these groups in pursuit of political objectives at the cost of the people they were supposed to serve. We believe the media has become the primary catalyst for the tension and hate in the United States and many other countries. So, if they are allowed to just make shit up and be nothing more than a propaganda outlet whilst denying any claim of bias or responsibility – then so can we.

If they think they’re such a prestigious and infallible group of people because they’re “journalists” then we can be journalists, too. Of course, most of us aren’t professional writers but we don’t need to be when all of our facts aren’t real. Will they see themselves in us? Probably not. But it will be funny for the rest of us.

If you want to help, you can apply to write for Cinch News, use this form to contact us.