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Social Justice

“Fact checker” blog Snopes attacks media giant Cinch News

As legacy media fights to defend the trans community, little known start-up Snopes has struck out in a feeble attack on Cinch's credibility.

White supremacy and the power of dance

White Supremacy seems overwhelming. Can our natural gifts of Rhythm and Dance end it?

Coming to terms with the fact my son isn’t trans

As a child, most of my friends were trans. It tormented me that I was privileged and they were not. I was ashamed that...

Reddit finally banned “bounty hunters” targeting drag queens for profit

On March 12th, Reddit admins decided to ban r/DragBountyHunters, a subforum dedicated to reporting drag queens in Texas for 5000 dollars. At the time...

The Strange Conservative Obsession with Trans Kids

Across the country people are noticing this new Republican obesession. Many are now asking, what is it about trans kids that has them so upset?