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Reese Meadows

At 6'3 and 265 lbs., you'd be excused for thinking Reese is a bit of a meathead but there is nothing Reese enjoys more than reading queer theory, spending time with his cat Lilith or a good cry session.

Five signs your pet may be trans

As the transgender movement slowly inches towards mainstream recognition it has become time to discuss the next frontier of advocacy: transgender animals.


Explosions Rock Jerusalem, Gaza, Amid Clashes with Ramadan Rowdies

A group of rowdy, stone-throwing, Molotov cocktail-tossing youth are...

Op-ed: No, diversity does not include white people

Recently, I read a blog post about promoting diversity. What I read in that post alarmed me.

Stop the militarization of our fire departments

When majorities see a fire truck going 90 mph down the street, their kids point and cheer. When marginalized peoples see such a sight, they shiver in fear. Hoses, in our collective minds used to attack the civil rights movement were now aimed at us yet again

Not Just Cops – We Need to Stop Licking Firefighters’ Boots Too

Firefighting is a noble profession that involves great personal risk every day on the job. Unfortunately, firefighters are not diverse enough.