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Here’s why eating eggs still makes you vegan

The modern wave of veganism started with The Vegan Society in 1951 as a dietary based movement that soon shifted to an animal rights...

Here’s why the US government should pay people to identify unvaccinated friends and family

We are closing in on one year since Covid-19 vaccines have been made available and still many Americans are refusing to get with the...

Kamala Harris calls for womxn to be exempt from Fauci Ouchie mandates

Vice President Kamala Harris is clapping back at the newly-announced vaccine mandates, insisting womxyzn should not be held to the same standards as men. "The...

COVID-19 is undeniably dangerous, but is Trump more dangerous?

NOTE: This article was released on July 10, 2019 via The Inside Scoop, our partner site. Most of the information is outdated except for...

Quick rundown on the “super straight” movement and why it’s almost literally murder

Despite several decades of disgusting and violent rhetoric dominating the internet and preventing a truly inclusive space, we are still somehow caught by surprise...