Thursday, May 6, 2021

    Sha'liqua Beeza N'DeJohnson

    Sha'liqua Beeza N'DeJohnson is a Twitter-based activist and proponent of truth. She has uncovered some of the deepest white supremacist conspiracies in American history and is renowned for her strong personality and devotion to Social Justice and Racial Equity.

    George Washington was a Woman of Color. Sorry, White Dudes.

    Who was Gregoria Wash-N'Gon? In 1776, Gregoria Wash-N'Gon founded America and led the Revolutionary army...

    Skip Christmas This Year – Donate To Victims of Racism Instead

    To celebrate Christmas is to celebrate white supremacy and the racism inherent in American society. To stand by while so many people are being oppressed every day is to be complicit in that oppression. That's why the team here at Cinch News urges all of our white readers to skip opening presents this season and instead give gifts to others.

    The Cinch News Stimulus Package

    The Cinch News Team made our own stimulus package - 900 billion dollar budget and all.