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Elizabeth Holmes: a hero who fell victim to the white patriarchy

Whenever a strong woman rises to the top, the white cis patriarchy seems to bring them down with it. You might've been misled by misogynists and bigots, let us clear the air for you.

Could abortions save the planet? The answer may surprise you

Hot on the heels of the oncoming climate apocalypse is the fight for women's rights. Experts say the two may be more interlinked than you initially thought.

How to be a feminist even though you haven’t had an abortion

In a period where Republicans are trying to deny us the right to get rid of a baby, it's easy to tell who isn't a feminist by who hasn't had an abortion.

Five reasons to get an abortion

As Republicans close in on taking women's right to exist away, we know you may be on the fence to kill that baby so here's 5 reasons why you should!

Womyn need to “get their f**king a** up and work” according to hardworking Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, renowned for her hard work ethic, especially when it comes to doctoring photos of herself, has dropped a groundbreaking nuclear bomb of truth and facts square on the heads of womyn worldwide: it’s time to start working.