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Tina Mironov
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Tina is a young, beautiful and caring womxn living in Portland, Oregon with her two dogs and boyfriend. She spends her nights watching 90 Day Fiance and critiquing her boyfriend's everything. She attended UC Berkley for a month and nearly got a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She considers herself to be the savior of POC and womxn.

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How to be a feminist even though you haven’t had an abortion

Wow, who would’ve thought we’d be here?

Women are literally staring down the barrel of 1984. Republicans aim to strike down Roe vs Wade which would unfairly put the issue of abortion in the hands of each state to decide based on the popular opinion of their citizens.

This is obviously a bad thing as the federal government needs to tell the states and their people what to do – not the other way around.

We’ve said it with Covid mandates and lockdowns and we’ll say it now – give daddy government the power to decide what is right. We elected them, probably, so we should hand off the reigns to them.

Travellers to UK to face Quarantine or Fines Starting June

Never in the history of the world has there ever been a government that misused total power. It’s always led to great times with great friends. Humans are naturally selfless and the more power they get the more they are willing to forgo it for people they haven’t even met (there’s like 300 million of us).

One thing I know is that when all of the establishment politicians, companies and media conglomerates are on the same side of an issue – that’s where you want to be.

Protests Erupt Across U.S. after Supreme Court Doc Leaked on Abortion

There’s no ulterior motives or negative consequence for mindlessly adopting the opinion that is being force fed to the general population, as we’ve seen over the last few years.

As Democrats, we are more than willing to regurgitate that narrative to those around us because we are free thinkers and that means free to let billionaires decide things for us.

I forgot what this article was about.


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