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Quick rundown on the “super straight” movement and why it’s almost literally murder

Despite several decades of disgusting and violent rhetoric dominating the internet and preventing a truly inclusive space, we are still somehow caught by surprise when the hate-filled and fragile wh*te men outdo themselves in the race to be as disgusting and shrewd as possible.

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Enter: the Super Straight movement

Started by Tik Tok user @kyleroyce, the Super Straight fad appears to be, based on face value, an attempt by a disenfranchised and devalued group of persyns that want to encourage understanding and acceptance of their sexuality.

However, anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on earth understands that being straight has been the widely accepted social norm for all of perceivable time and is more violent than it is oppressed.

Luckily, iconic QUEEN of Tik Tok @tblizzy shut down the entire movement with this internet-breaking “YAS QUEEN” moment!

@tblizzy is someone we STAN!

Naturally, @tblizzy would receive a lot of hate for standing up for trans folx and shutting down this idiotic attempt to enter our safe spaces.

Their obsession with her was exemplified by her almost two dozen videos noting that she doesn’t care about their hate.

This movement serves to somehow normalize transphobia and allow bigots to excuse their extremely violent and toxic sexual preferences that leave out important members of our community – trans folx.
As we’ve said previously, it should be HIGHLY encouraged for any straight-identifying persyn to have at least one sexual encounter with a trans persyn in order to open their eyes.

Additionally, we will continue to pursue the social implementation of a pseudo law that eliminates the need or pressure for a trans persyn to disclose which sexual organ they have prior to sexual intercourse with a mate.

Social - Are you Super Straight? | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing  Discussion
his graphic has been widely circulated with the movement as a whole and it is important to note that the top left image almost forms a pentagram which further solidifies the theory that “super straights” are on par with devil worshippers.

As has been made clear by many recent studies, trans folx are more likely to be killed by scorned wh*te male lovers than any other group of people.

In other words, the core of the “Super Straight” movement is the reason trans folx are being slaughtered en masse and will only help this number of deaths increase.

I, for one, question the sexuality of anyone who tries so hard to erase any possibility of their sexual preference being anything but the cis normative.

We will be holding many discussions on this topic on our Discord server, Social Justice United and we welcome you to join us 🙂

Tina Mironovhttp://theinsidescoop.org
Tina Mironov is a female-identifying super cool author from Portland, Oregon who is stoked on social justice, culture, classic art, activism and BLM!

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Paul Abruzzo

Looks like tblizzy is superphobic.

Tina Mironov

Not a thing 🙂

Hugh Mongus

Author Tina Mironov is an open superphobe and bigot.

SS people are heckin’ cute and valid

Tina Mironov

Not funny or valid (:

Ralph Frascone

Sorry sweatie, but the superLGBS community will not stand for your hate speech.

I’m not even super, but I’m disgusted by the vitrol you’ve written, dismissing another person’s sexuality.

You sir, are a bigot.

Tina Mironov

Thank you for your criticism! When we need to know where to buy klan uniforms or how to support the genocide of an entire group of people based on sexuality THEN we will let you know thanks (:

I hate this website so much

why do u make it about white suprerioty?

Look at that face and tell me that skull houses an IQ over 60.


What disgraceful conduct from a supposed journalist. You respond to a simple joke by implying he’s a kkk member and into genocide. You’re not only a lousy journalist you’re also a lousy human being.

Jimmy Rustle

We won’t tolerate your anti-white and anti-super bigotry, as Hugh said: SS people are heckin’ cute and valid


Are you jewish?

Last edited 10 months ago by Askingtherealquestionshere

Okay… so first and foremost, did you and tblizzy miss the fact that “super-straight” is a gag? It’s a straight up parody of the exact thing you are doing in this article, you are claiming an identity and demanding it be accepted in all contexts.

This brings me to the next question; why do you think the sex organ is irrelevant to the sexual encounter? I mean, would you really be fine seeing a lesbian take home an apparent women only to suddenly be surprised that there’s still a penis attached? Sexuality is straight up what sex organs you like to play with, it seems pertinent to the conversation leading up to… ya’know… sex.

And has it really never occurred to you that there may be some non-hate related reasons a person wouldn’t want to date a trans? The above being example one, and myself being example two. I see dating as a test drive trying to find the person I want to marry and have a family with. Part of that family dream is children, my and my partner’s children. To be instilled with our combined values, our combined knowledge, and our combined DNA. Now, science has done some spectacular things, but it has yet to slam to sperm cells together and produce a child. Until it does, I’m going to be restricting my dating to women who can make the safe assumption that they can have children. No hate, live and let live, still not dating them because that would be a waste of my time.


what the hell did i just read? this shit is so nonsensical i can even understand it. why the hell are you censoring the word WHITE?????


“I, for one, question the sexuality of anyone who tries so hard to erase any possibility of their sexual preference being anything but the cis normative.” well I don’t know if you got the memo or not, but sexuality isn’t a choice. It’s something you’re born with. If you’re not attracted to someone that’s all there is to it. You can’t guilt them into it, that’s coercion, and frankly pretty creepy


Ohh wait it’s satire website isn’t it? Clever


Not only my brain cells commit suicide while reading this article, but also my chromosome.


𐌔𐌔 people are fascist cis scum


Hush nazi


Super Straight = SS = 𐌔𐌔


Ok fascist


In the diagram mentioned the straight people make a pentagram not the super straights. if you’re not being honest about what’s there how can we expect you to understand our plights?


This is so refreshing. I just never fit in to any one sexuality. I didn’t want to have butt sex with another man. And I didn’t want to have butt sex with a woman with a penis. But there just wasn’t a name for people like me. We passed each other in the street, with knowing glances, but could never truly communicate. At last, society has made room for poor unfortunate folx like myself.


Its much easier to just type “I am very mentally ill” you know

Tortoise Knight

You’re just superphobic and hateful. There were bigots like you literally threatening to kill our folk on twitter

Joesph Smith

This is the best fucking part. They spend every! Waking! Fucking! Second! Of their pathetic lives screaming we are bigots because we won’t suck their fem-penis.

They spent every! Waking! Fucking! Second! Of their pathetic lives screaming at us with a microphone 2 inches from our ear “WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU? YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE WE ACCEPT EVERYONES SEXUALITY!! UNLIKE YOU NAZI BIGOTS!!!!” Except yesterday they proved all of this was lies.

But then what happens when we create 1 sexual identity to counter their 150 sexual identities? What happens when we use their EXACT SAME woke “logic” and twist it against them? The second they realize they were defeated 100% by their own hand, the second they realize they beaten with their woke “logic” they hold so fucking goddamn dear, they instantly quit being woke! Whaaat? Suddenly they abandon absolutely they have EVER once held dear, do the biggest 180 in all of human fucking history, and scream “FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!! I DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR FUCKING SEXUAL IDENITITY!! FINE OKAY MAYBE I AM A BIGOT, SO WHAT? I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!! YOUR SEXUALITY IS NOT FUCKING VALID!!!” hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha oh god. And they have been banned in the TENS OF THOUSANDS overnight from twitter, because once you utilize their own “logic” against them, their tiny bird-brains can no longer comprehend what is happening at this point, and they become 9,999 times more violent than any transphobe that ever lived. The super-straight movement helped me quit smoking nicotine overnight, and this is why, because they’ve exposed to the world what COMPLETE GODDAMN FUCKING hypocrites they are.

I’ve never been fucking happier. They ( Social Justice Warriors ) have finally indisputably proven to both me and the rest of the 6 billion people on planet earth once and for all that that they will ALL, without exception, gladly abandon EVERYTHING that they have EVER once stood for, just to curse you with their final moments of breath before they die.


This is all satire, but it is also bigotry to label somebody’s sexual preference (what one does with other people touching one’s own body) as murder




Superstraight = normal, all else is by definition abnormal.


You’re superphobia is disgusting. That’s fine though, we will cancel out your hate with love.


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