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Explosions Rock Jerusalem, Gaza, Amid Clashes with Ramadan Rowdies

A group of rowdy, stone-throwing, Molotov cocktail-tossing youth are terrorizing residents of a Jerusalem neighborhood during the annual flare-up of terror attacks in Israel during Ramadan, according to locals and IDF officials. In addition to the violence perpetrated by the rowdies, the residents are also facing the constant threat of rocket attacks launched by militants from the youths’ Gaza branch, causing damage and destruction to buildings and infrastructure throughout the country. For years, during the holy month, the young troublemakers roam the streets, shouting insults, lighting fires, and attacking anyone who crosses their path.

They are the bane of our neighborhood,” said Avi Cohen, 42, a local business owner who has witnessed their destructive behavior firsthand. “But they’re not the only problem. We’re also facing the constant threat of rocket attacks from their Gaza chapters.”

This week, the rowdies were spotted throwing Molotov cocktails at passing cars, causing damage to several vehicles. Locals pointed to the homemade explosives as a tragedy waiting to happen. The military and riot police have been deployed to the area to maintain order and protect residents from the violence. Despite their efforts, the youths have continued to cause chaos and destruction as they clash with the authorities, leaving residents feeling helpless and afraid.

Ramadan rowdies have also caused disturbances throughout other cities in the country, leaving three dead in Tel Aviv and another 3 on the road from Efrat to Tiberias.

“I’m afraid to leave my house during Ramadan,” said Sarah Levy, a mother of two who lives in the area. “It’s not safe to be out on the streets when these rowdies are around. But it’s also not safe to be at home with the constant threat of rockets.”

Local authorities say they are aware of the situation and are working to increase patrols in the area. However, residents say more needs to be done to address the root cause of the problem and to ensure their safety during this volatile time. “These rowdies need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Cohen. “We can’t let them continue to terrorize our city and our country. It’s time for the government to take strong action to protect its citizens.”

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