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Social Justice

The Strange Conservative Obsession with Trans Kids

Across the country people are noticing this new Republican obesession. Many are now asking, what is it about trans kids that has them so upset?

Why Netflix should cast Zendaya as Asuka in the upcoming live-action Evangelion movie

As Netflix prepares to produce a live-action adaptation of the beloved anime series, Evangelion, the casting of who will play the lead role of...

Stock advice for the socially aware investor

How people with old money best to invest their fortune while remaining true to their equity mindset. We show the trends and ideals for your portfolio -- all while remaining aware of your impact on our world.

Neopronouns: as old as the Neolithic era

In pre-Christian European and Indic languages, a person didn’t have to “choose” he/him or she/her, instead they could choose up to 100 different pronouns, for at least three genders, plural or non-plural, and in counts of one, two (e.g. two-spirit folks), or more than two. The inflection of words was also personalized, and they could include use cases and contexts like locative, instrumental case, and many others.

Inside the Ohio disaster: why we need to ban trains now

The Ohio train derailment has brought the modern rail system into question.