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Social Justice

We played Hogwarts Legacy so you don’t have to; the ‘tutorial’ is impossible.

Hogwarts Legacy, the highly unanticipated transphobic and misogynistic video game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, has been making waves since its...

Meet the new generation of eco-friendly war profiteers

Europeans have this colonial mindset that we get to profit from African wars. It should be the Africans themselves profiting from their own wars. Africans care for green solutions in their war supplies, such as up-cycling trucks to be used as mobile machine gun nests when available.

One Trans Woman’s Fight Against Racist and Misogynist History in Architecture

Neoclassical Architecture is incredibly problematic. This Trans Woman says it's time to change that.

Insider interview reveals alleged transphobic culture in Harry Potter Legacy development

A person who claims to have inside knowledge of Harry Potter Legacy development shares allegations of a transphobic climate and it's shocking - or is it?

How to be less white this MLK day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is nearly here and as white people we need to be doing all we can to amplify and make...