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Social Justice

Sleeping with the enemy: why you can’t be a Democrat and date a Republican

While many issues are debatable, basic human rights - such as abortion - are not. Here's why dating a Republican makes you just as bad as them.

Five signs your pet may be trans

As the transgender movement slowly inches towards mainstream recognition it has become time to discuss the next frontier of advocacy: transgender animals.

Is Argentina’s victory over France a victory for white supremacy?

With Argentina's rather sordid past, the media and influencers everywhere agree that racism has just proven to be the biggest problem facing the world.

Why progressive America needs Islam

What is the solution to a world dominated by christo-facism? It is simple: the answer is Islam.

Could abortions save the planet? The answer may surprise you

Hot on the heels of the oncoming climate apocalypse is the fight for women's rights. Experts say the two may be more interlinked than you initially thought.