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Social Justice

Satire is weaponizing bigotry, monetizing hatred

Satire is a weapon. There are no two ways about it. White male bigots use fake-news-adjacent dogwhistles to attack and diminish marginalized groups in any of their struggles for equality, even going so far as to appropriate minority identities for “comedic” effect.

Why white people owning dogs is racist

NOTE: This article was originally released on July 10, 2019 via United Wildlife Union, our sister site. Way back in time, almost 12,500 years...

AOC defends stunning “Tax the Rich” Met Gala dress, promoting social justice and CDC covid-19 guidelines

It's the first Met Gala for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and the representative absolutely did not waste her moment. She's in a white Brother Vellies dress...

Here’s how God might be responsible for racism

Editor's Note: This article, which focuses on sites and rocks named that use outdated racial terminology, contains terms that many may find offensive. The University...

Monogamous Relationships Are Unethical: A response to Personality Girl and Countere Magazine

I just read an article in Countere Magazine that physically made my blood boil. The name of this filth: “Uncomfortable Slut: The Dark Side...