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Social Justice

Why Greta Thunberg Could Lead Iran’s Women’s Revolution

Greta Thunberg continually makes waves in the news for her courage and extreme activism. Is it time for Thunberg to take the fight to Iran?

Could communal toilets solve the gendered bathroom crisis? What an African village taught me

Visiting an African village opened my eyes to true bathroom policy progress. You need to go? You went, in front of people. Why should we fear our nature?

Here’s what science says about trans women’s menstrual cycle: yes, its real

The pandemic taught us two things: a progressive society paves the way for progress in Science, and there are science deniers out there willing to stare at the sun just to stick it to the “libruls”. Let 2023 be the year we continue to reclaim science, just like Galileo did. This time, for trans rights.

Sleeping with the enemy: why you can’t be a Democrat and date a Republican

While many issues are debatable, basic human rights - such as abortion - are not. Here's why dating a Republican makes you just as bad as them.

Five signs your pet may be trans

As the transgender movement slowly inches towards mainstream recognition it has become time to discuss the next frontier of advocacy: transgender animals.