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Azamat Khan
Azamat Khan
I am of African origin and I live in Turkey. I have a PhD in political science or journalism.

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Is Argentina’s victory over France a victory for white supremacy?

Argentina has always been called a safe haven for white supremacists, even a beacon of whiteness surrounded by a sea of BIBOCs (Black Indigenous Body of Color) in Latinx America. Meanwhile, France in recent years is seen as the opposite, and rather a beacon of BIBOCracy surrounded by whiteness.

To many fervent white supremacists, this world cup victory is seen as an example of the superiority of the white physique and mentality over the supposed inferiority of BIBOCs in the world’s biggest sporting event. It is important for us to evaluate and perhaps even scrutinize the celebrating of this so-called victory, as it can literally be dangerous.

In order to understand why Argentina is considered a bastion of white civilization, is important to understand its background.

It is well known that the Nazis came to Argentina after a humiliating defeat in WW2 in order to establish both a refuge and bastion of fascism, of which was funded and able to thrive due to the American government funding right-wing militias to stop the rise of Communism during the cold war. Argentina is also 75% white, with many predominantly German colonizers, including the Nazis.

In modern times, France has decided to redeem itself and do its best to combat white supremacy. This is done through the importation of BIBOC and Muslim refugees from former African colonies to France, who both enlightening and diversify French culture. An example of this is the French soccer team, and their new leader/ mascot, Mbappe, a Black person with Algerian and Cameroonian ties.

This has of course, made France a pariah in the sea of whiteness that is Europe.

This has made the defeat of France a priority for white supremacists everywhere. Couple that with that face that Mbappe is dating a transgender person, and now the defeat of France is yearned for even more.

In an arena built on the bones of migrants, slaves. and the LGBTQ, it is especially worrisome that the bastion of whiteness has been cheered on for the defeat of BIBOCs.

We suggest being cautious amongst your white friends, who despite not caring about soccer pretty much before this, are somehow “ardent” and “massive” supporters of Argentina who are celebrating “their” win.

We cannot let white supremacists gain an inch, especially in a world with people like Donald Trump, and this includes the world’s biggest sporting event. We urge for you to not be so prideful of a country you have not step foot in for winning a sport you don’t care about.

After all, it isn’t that hard to not be a white supremacists!


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