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10 emojis white people should avoid using

Nothing says "internet culture" like emojis, and some aren't meant for white people to appropriate.

Stock advice for the socially aware investor

How people with old money best to invest their fortune while remaining true to their equity mindset. We show the trends and ideals for your portfolio -- all while remaining aware of your impact on our world.

You will grow to love “Velma” on HBO for its artistic impact

Loud ignorant voices will always try to drown out good art. Like Paul Cézanne, who is now known to us as one of the...

One Trans Woman’s Fight Against Racist and Misogynist History in Architecture

Neoclassical Architecture is incredibly problematic. This Trans Woman says it's time to change that.

Why you shouldn’t care about white men who lose their hands to fireworks

Every year, white men lose their hands in fireworks accidents. Yet, one can't help but notice the irony as white men took the hands of so many in the Congo for decades.


How white supremacy lead to Ryan Carson’s death

Oh no! This article is only for our paying...

“Politically Blind.” Or what nazis are now calling each other to identify themselves online

When alt-righters keep on coming up with so many...

Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson sold monogamy to the US youth — why do Republicans hate this?

A woman engaged in willing sex with her husband. Somehow, this has made the sex-negative conservatives hate even traditional marriage... Who, in their right mind, would see sex in marriage as a tripwire for office? Do we need to remind conservatives where babies come from again?