Dictator/Governor Ron DeSantis renewed his asshole card by coming out with some of the most regressive and violent legislature in recent history.

We haven’t read the bill but from what our Democrat leaders and CNN tells us, it makes it illegal to say ‘gay’. They have dubbed it the ‘Don’t Say Gay bill’ and rightfully so as we assume it outlaws homosexuality in some way.

Why This Florida-Based Family Is Standing Up Against The 'Don't Say Gay ...

Thankfully, the leaders of the Democratic party and their media mouthpieces at CNN and MSNBC are completely unbiased and trustworthy so we never feel the burden of doing research. They tell us this is basically violence against homosexuals.

On Wednesday, May 4th, a brave young man from Orlando, Florida decided to defy Ron DeSantis and the Republikkkan party by doing the very thing they sought to make illegal.

What is Florida's Don't Say Gay Bill? - mybrosco

According to our sources, the unidentified man went to Hemingway Square in Downtown Panama City in the middle of the afternoon crowd rush and stood on top of a bench. With a smartphone in one hand livestreaming the defiance on Facebook, the activist proudly shouted the forbidden word.

“Gay!” said this patriot.

He was immediately shot in the chest seven times and twice in the face by two nearby PCPD Officers.

Search on for suspect after paramedic, civilian shot in Dallas - CBS News

Sources say he fell to the ground still alive but was trampled by a crowd of conservatives who stomped on him repeatedly for daring to say that word. By the time paramedics arrived on scene and kicked him a few times themselves, he was pronounced dead.

His family couldn’t be reached for comment but a representative said they are in the process of disowning him.

This is Trump’s America.

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