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Christmas cancelled until racism is dead

It's time to reject the white supremacy inherent in Christmas

Many white households will have something to celebrate this holiday season, but the same unfortunately can’t be said for an equal number of BIPOC families. With over 1,000 African-Americans killed by police brutality in 2019 alone, countless families will be celebrating Christmas with at least one less relative this year. Holidays, as life, present a far greater challenge to BIPOC and other minorities than their straight white counterparts. The 2020 Christmas season is no different.

In this light, to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate white supremacy and the racism inherent in American society. To stand by while so many people are being oppressed every day is to be complicit in that oppression. That’s why the team here at Cinch News urges all of our white readers to skip opening presents this season and instead give gifts to others. Instead of being a cog in the machine that is systemic racism, work to dismantle bigotry and intolerance. Donate to victims of the systemic racism which all white people benefit from.

Below is a list of opportunities to aid BIPOC affected by racism:


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