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Tag: social justice

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Republicans caused the Nashville shooting. Here’s how.

As the nation continues to mourn the tragic loss of life in the recent Nashville school shooting, questions have been raised about the role of mental health care, specifically gender-affirming care, in preventing such tragedies.

Misgendering the Nashville shooter dishonors the memory of his victims

A school shooting has rocked the country as we attempt to heal but misgendering is still an act of violence that hurts the situation.

Reddit finally banned “bounty hunters” targeting drag queens for profit

On March 12th, Reddit admins decided to ban r/DragBountyHunters, a subforum dedicated to reporting drag queens in Texas for 5000 dollars. At the time...

The Strange Conservative Obsession with Trans Kids

Across the country people are noticing this new Republican obesession. Many are now asking, what is it about trans kids that has them so upset?

Why Netflix should cast Zendaya as Asuka in the upcoming live-action Evangelion movie

As Netflix prepares to produce a live-action adaptation of the beloved anime series, Evangelion, the casting of who will play the lead role of...


Explosions Rock Jerusalem, Gaza, Amid Clashes with Ramadan Rowdies

A group of rowdy, stone-throwing, Molotov cocktail-tossing youth are...

Op-ed: No, diversity does not include white people

Recently, I read a blog post about promoting diversity. What I read in that post alarmed me.

Stop the militarization of our fire departments

When majorities see a fire truck going 90 mph down the street, their kids point and cheer. When marginalized peoples see such a sight, they shiver in fear. Hoses, in our collective minds used to attack the civil rights movement were now aimed at us yet again

Not Just Cops – We Need to Stop Licking Firefighters’ Boots Too

Firefighting is a noble profession that involves great personal risk every day on the job. Unfortunately, firefighters are not diverse enough.