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Lawrence Baylor
Lawrence Baylor
Correspondent for Cinch News. Lawrence thought about attending the University of Chicago to earn a B.A. in Journalism and a PhD in African-American Studies. He is the critically acclaimed author of "Weapons to Win the War for Social Justice". He is currently writing a new book, "Bloodletting: How Peaceful Protests Improve Race Relations". His pronouns are they/them. Lawrence is 1/16 African-American thanks to his great-great-grandmother who probably escaped slavery in 1859.

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5 reasons Chinese control of the South China Sea is a win for trans rights

Transgender rights are the most important domestic political issue in the United States. Here are 5 reasons why the power balance shift in the South China Sea is good news for trans rights activists.

1. Instead of spending more money on a failing military, the United States should fund Universal Transgender Healthcare

Pictured: US imperialism failing to provide for its own citizens

China is more than capable of taking on the burden of peacekeeping in the Indo-Pacific region. This would greatly reduce US military spending overnight! Instead of accumulating unmanageable debt to shore up a dying empire, the US could use that money to reintroduce healthcare access to marginalized groups like Transgender and other LGBTQIA+ folks.

For example: would you, the taxpayer, prefer to pay the cost of one Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier ($13 Billion), OR have the federal government provide at least 260,000 life-saving full transition surgeries (normally costing approximately $50,000 each) at no cost to the recipients? Just imagine the potential economic benefits that 260,000 saved lives would have on the American economy.

2. The CCP is anti-fascist

Pictured: Solidarity

The CCP is anti-fascist and the CCP also rules China, which makes China anti-fascist. Therefore, China is a natural ally against transphobia and trans genocide.

The CCP has a great intersectional track record, too – the Party got its first major anti-fascist gig in the Second World War by fighting side-by-side with the Allies against Fascist Japan and Germany. Later on the CCP had a seriously bussin’ anti-fascist activist movement to establish the CCP as the undisputed ruling party of China that lasted all the way into the 1970s! Ever since then, China has been a world leader in decolonization efforts and successful resistance to American imperialism.

Now THAT is what I call a permanent revolution.

3. The People’s Republic of China and The United States of America can pursue common interests and achieve win-win cooperation on LGBTQIA+ rights

Pictured: This could be us but the USA playin’

A conflict over the re-integration of the Province of Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China is completely unnecessary and will only delay the inevitable restoration of rightful Chinese territory. Such a conflict would result in great cost of human lives and war materiel for the United States.

So why bother? Why go through so much bloodshed and burn so much money just to fail? The United States should instead lift all sanctions and tariffs against China. US economic growth would be stimulated significantly by growing its trade relationship with the world’s #1 economy as a partner instead of pursuing an open conflict with it.

4. Interfering with China’s internal affairs halts progress on trans rights

Pictured: A True and Patriotic Diplomat standing up for China

Every effort by the United States to interfere in China’s internal affairs is a masked effort to undermine China’s national sovereignty. These efforts total millions of person-hours spent by US diplomatic agencies which burdens the American taxpayer with the massive costs of these efforts.

The United States should adopt a non-interference policy that respects China’s national sovereignty and should instead focus its diplomatic efforts on domestic issues such as transgender rights. The United States wrongly and repeatedly accuses China of human rights violations even while multiple US States are currently passing “trans genocide” bills through their legislatures.

5. China is very progressive on LGBTQIA+ rights

Pictured: Hong Kong Pride Parade 2014

This may surprise western readers, but China has made huge progress on LGBTQIA+ rights during its peaceful rise to prosperity. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in China since 1997, a full 18 years before the pivotal Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling in the US.

In fact, homosexuality has been documented in China since ancient times, just like how the South China Sea has been part of the historical maritime territory of China since ancient times. Supporting China’s territorial integrity supports China’s successful long march of social progress – and the entire world’s march towards social progress.


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