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Here’s what science says about trans women’s menstrual cycle: yes, its real

The pandemic taught us two things: a progressive society paves the way for progress in Science, and there are science deniers out there willing to stare at the sun just to stick it to the “libruls”. Let 2023 be the year we continue to reclaim science, just like Galileo did. This time, for trans rights.


Coming to terms with the fact my son isn’t trans

As a child, most of my friends were trans....

Reddit finally banned “bounty hunters” targeting drag queens for profit

On March 12th, Reddit admins decided to ban r/DragBountyHunters,...

The Strange Conservative Obsession with Trans Kids

Across the country people are noticing this new Republican obesession. Many are now asking, what is it about trans kids that has them so upset?

Why Netflix should cast Zendaya as Asuka in the upcoming live-action Evangelion movie

As Netflix prepares to produce a live-action adaptation of...