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William Shears
William Shearshttp://www.socialjustice.com
William Shears has been carefully crafting a version of history that properly identifies western imperialism as the reason for all issues, and Postmodern Neo-Marxism as the solution, and teaching it to children as young as 5 for over 30 years. Mr. Shears has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in progressive education by numerous organizations, and his curriculum has been taught to tens of thousands of children. Some of Mr. Shear’s hobbies include the NYT’s crossword puzzle, speaking at prisons, and meeting his fans.

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Andrew Tate behind Greta Thunberg’s unprecedented arrest, witnesses claim

Ms. Thunberg, a climate activist, is most well known for her work in catching known-misogynist and men’s rights activist Andrew Tate, and this has not gone unnoticed by Tate’s fans. His followers have made it clear that she is enemy number one, as seen in multiple tweets by prominent right-wing figures. (Read more about that here.)

Though her life was undoubtedly on the line, she bravely ventured out in public, ready to face the wrath of the minor league kickboxing champion. As she arrived in small German village of Luetzerath, what was once thought to be friendly territory to peacefully and legally protest the construction of a coalmine, Tate’s cronies were there to swoop in almost before she began.

Perhaps fittingly, Greta Thunberg acted as a canary in the coalmine last weekend as she protested the construction of a new coal mine.

Through Twitter accounts documenting the detainment, one thing is clear: it was motivated by sexism, by misogyny, and, to make the first two go without saying, by Andrew Tate.

“REPORT: Multiple eye-witnesses to Greta Thunberg’s arrest heard arresting officers mock her with comments like “What color is your Bugatti?” and “This is for the Top G!” as they took her to the station.”, one Twitter user said.

Twitter user who was possibly on the scene speaks out about they could have seen.
Even in Prison, Tate still appears to have influence over global politics.

This has sparked outrage in many circles, most notoriously the climate community, who is demanding that Greta be released and that Andrew Tate be further charged for this, and also whatever they want for the protest thing.

Whether or not her detainment was a singular issue or an indication of widespread corruption in Germany’s police force remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, Ms. Thunberg will not be threatened by Tate or anyone else.

Andrew Tate is set to stand trial in October of 2023. Ms. Thunberg is expected to appear as a witness.

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