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William Shears
William Shearshttp://www.socialjustice.com
William Shears has been carefully crafting a version of history that properly identifies western imperialism as the reason for all issues, and Postmodern Neo-Marxism as the solution, and teaching it to children as young as 5 for over 30 years. Mr. Shears has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in progressive education by numerous organizations, and his curriculum has been taught to tens of thousands of children. Some of Mr. Shear’s hobbies include the NYT’s crossword puzzle, speaking at prisons, and meeting his fans.

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The path to victory for Hillary Clinton: how she can win Speaker of the House

Hillary Clinton is a well-known moderate, who is near universally loved by Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Republican controlled house of Representatives is in shambles as consensus for majority speaker is torn. With this in mind, top political analysts are working overtime to figure out who has the best chance to win the majority. It is well-known in constitutional academia that one is not required to hold office as a member of the House of Representatives in order to be speaker.

This is embedded in the constitution, and is one of the core principles of our democracy. In fact, the republicans have already attempted to use this in more than one of the votes, Representative Matt Gaetz threw Donald Trump’s name in the ring.

With this in mind, it is clear to numerous experts that the way for Democrats to profit off of the right’s disorganization is for the Left to nominate a moderate democrat that some House Republicans can get behind. To the pollsters, the answer is clear. Hillary Clinton is the woman for the job. Hillary Clinton is an awesome woman who has achieved astounding accomplishments in her life.

As the first female Presidential candidate for a major political party in American history, Secretary Clinton has already made great strides towards advancing the role of women in politics and inspiring young people to get involved. She is also a prolific author, having written several popular books on politics and leadership, as well as a committed philanthropist who has championed a range of issues from universal healthcare to LGBTQ+ rights to gun safety.

Her decades of involvement in public service and her adoption of progressive causes make her one of the most impactful public figures of our generation.

Top contender for speaker, Kevin McCarthy, is missing 20 votes in order to obtain speaker, which is the exact amount the Democrats are missing.

With a candidate like Hillary Clinton, it is unlikely that Right-wing moderates like Liz Cheney, John McCain, Lauren Boebert, and Kevin McCarthy would pass up such a candidate. We asked all mentioned parties for comment, the Republicans have not yet replied.

Their silence speaks volumes!

The path to victory is clear: nominate Hillary Clinton for House Speaker!

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