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Cassie Fagan

As a masculine presenting transgendered womyn, Cassie has experienced more hardships than any marginalized group in history. Through being forged in our bigoted society, Cassie developed a strong talent for entitlement and wordsmithing. Graduating from Glendale Community College with an Associates in Journalism, Cassie was quickly hired in 2003 by Cinch News, where she has worked off and on since. When Cassie isn't smashing the fash, she works part time as a dog walker in her upper class gayborhood.

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How white supremacy lead to Ryan Carson’s death

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“Politically Blind.” Or what nazis are now calling each other to identify themselves online

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Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson sold monogamy to the US youth — why do Republicans hate this?

A woman engaged in willing sex with her husband. Somehow, this has made the sex-negative conservatives hate even traditional marriage... Who, in their right mind, would see sex in marriage as a tripwire for office? Do we need to remind conservatives where babies come from again?