Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    Dr. Howard Wilson (Ref/Orm) Howard was once a racist, sexist and bigot in orms younger years. However, after discovering the power of journalism, ref threw off the shackles of toxic masculinity and transitioned as solely being reformed. To pursue orms life goals, ref pursued a dual major undergraduate in gender studies and journalism at University of California - Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Howard was troubled by the fact that many seemed to show open hatred for orms choice of degrees. Ref, under a powerful desire to fight for truth and general sanity, decided to pursue higher degrees in to design a powerful reeducation battery for those who are best called bigots. After acquiring master’s and PsyD degrees in Psychojournalism at the prestigious Harvard University, and the required years of internships, ref is ready to take on the world. Nowadays Howard has a continually burning fire of love for journalism and writes web articles about the troubles of today’s world. Howard has not given up orms desire to reeducate though and has many journal articles in prestigious journals such as Science, American Psychologist, and Nature Neuroscience.

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