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Rosa Nielsen

Rosa Nielsen (they/them) was taken from their native African lands as an adoptee. Forced to abandon their African heritage and tradition growing up in a White, gender conforming Danish family, they are in the process of healing by reclaiming their African ancestry. They put focus on the systemic racism present in modern day Denmark, to help inspire all BIPOC peoples of the Nordic countries to stand up against their racist society.

Insider interview reveals alleged transphobic culture in Harry Potter Legacy development

A person who claims to have inside knowledge of Harry Potter Legacy development shares allegations of a transphobic climate and it's shocking - or is it?

Could communal toilets solve the gendered bathroom crisis? What an African village taught me

Visiting an African village opened my eyes to true bathroom policy progress. You need to go? You went, in front of people. Why should we fear our nature?

Elizabeth Holmes: a hero who fell victim to the white patriarchy

Whenever a strong woman rises to the top, the white cis patriarchy seems to bring them down with it. You might've been misled by misogynists and bigots, let us clear the air for you.

Here’s what science says about trans women’s menstrual cycle: yes, its real

The pandemic taught us two things: a progressive society paves the way for progress in Science, and there are science deniers out there willing to stare at the sun just to stick it to the “libruls”. Let 2023 be the year we continue to reclaim science, just like Galileo did. This time, for trans rights.


Meet the new generation of eco-friendly war profiteers

Europeans have this colonial mindset that we get to profit from African wars. It should be the Africans themselves profiting from their own wars. Africans care for green solutions in their war supplies, such as up-cycling trucks to be used as mobile machine gun nests when available.

7 reasons Democratic Socialists should vote Democrat in 2024

Growing up, we were taught democracy was a right....

Time to drop the ball: Earth dies if beef stays legal

Letting conservatives keep their cattle is going to kill us all and we no longer have time to get their little brains on board.

You will grow to love “Velma” on HBO for its artistic impact

Loud ignorant voices will always try to drown out...