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We are a super biased and undependable publication focused on furthering liberal policies in pursuit of a theoretical world where humans don't act human.


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Biden’s classified leak isn’t the problem. The government shouldn’t have secrets in the first place.

The gains made in the last decades have been to “ease the access” of information. Why have we not required less to be hidden in the first place? Why have we grown so accustomed to having so much information hidden from us?

Meet the new generation of eco-friendly war profiteers

Europeans have this colonial mindset that we get to profit from African wars. It should be the Africans themselves profiting from their own wars. Africans care for green solutions in their war supplies, such as up-cycling trucks to be used as mobile machine gun nests when available.

7 reasons Democratic Socialists should vote Democrat in 2024

Growing up, we were taught democracy was a right....


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