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Why Gaming Needs to Change

Last week, my colleagues and I had published a list of demands for the gaming industry,  which was met with a violent and unsavory reaction by gamers themselves.

I figured that we could go over reasons behind the list, as well as some extra reasons on why the gaming community is currently extremely toxic, and what we can do to improve it.

Violence & Negative Impact of Children

  • An adult’s brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. (And it shows within the gaming community)
    Gaming produces the same chemical, Adrenaline which is the same chemical that is produced while committing murder.
  • 83.4% of mass shooters were avid video game players. (see point above)
  • M-rated games are advertised primarily to children, and by majority, played by those younger than 18.
  • Time spent playing video games and IQ is negatively correlated.
  • Teen gamers frequently score lower grades than their peers that do not play video games.
    Gamers refuse to believe that they are ever wrong, which is amplified by teen angst.
  • Parents have to destroy gaming consoles to end their children’s addiction (see a few of hundreds of videos on YouTube below)
  • Video games often frustrate and anger their players, causing them to break controllers, TVs, and punch anything nearby; such as walls, women, and pets.
  • Gamers spend extreme amounts of money on consoles and hardware for video games, which could be donated to worthy causes like charities or Joe Biden’s campaign fund.

Son forced to destroy gaming console after given 3 weeks to bring grades up.

This video features a dad destroying an adult gamer’s gaming console for violating his dad’s house rules. Is this gamer visiting for the holidays or is he still living with his parents? Gamers waste all of their money on these games, and end up continually living with their parents well into adulthood.

boogie2988 video featuring a male aggressively throwing things at his wife and smashing his gaming console over a dispute with someone from the gaming community

Misogyny & Racism

  • Few game developers make an effort to stop racism and sexism in their communities.
  • Gamergate is responsible for today’s rampant online racism and sexism.
  • A link between video games and racism has been established by scientist
  • Game developers are majority cishet white males.
  • Games such as GTA, and Watch Dogs, and Skyrim normalize murder, theft, and other horrible crimes that make players (especially children) numb to the experience and morally corrupt. For more examples, please see our articles on Animal Crossing, Mario and Minecraft.
  • Men bully women out of the gaming communities, both in development and games themselves.
  • Minority groups are made a specific target to gamer rage.Male gamers often sexualize, shame, and berate female video game streamers like Alinity, Kaceyton, and Pokimane.
  • Gamers frequently use slurs, such as the n-word in online discourse, to the point where the n-word is now known as “The Gamer word”.
  • BIPOC and the JLGBT+ communities have faced systemic oppression and institutional racism, causing entire minorities to end up in poverty, discounts for POC and the JLGBT+ communities would promote a more diverse and inclusive community.
  • Gamers are majority alt-right, idolizing Hitler, and voting republican without properly researching the candidates.
  • There is an online community which promotes which supremacy, and Nazism, featured in our article about the “PCMR”.
  • Discord, a social-media platform is used typically to radicalize gaming youth into racism and sometimes full Nazism.

    (We journalists have taken Discord head-on to the front lines to confront the Discord gamer community to change it for the better)

Our Solution

Beezfud has created a list of journalist approved video games that promotes inclusivity and powerful JLGBT+ characters.
We highly recommend checking out the list and learning what makes those games so great!

For more centrist gaming news, please check out Inclusive Gamers!

Please open your eyes and become less toxic, free yourself from the violence, racism, homophobia, misogyny, and the vaguely bigoted gaming culture.

Jamie Barton
Jamie graduated majoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minoring in Journalism. Jamie currently works as the Editor-In-Chief for Cinch News and an editor for the sister companies with Globe Media Holdings. She believes in empowerment through writing and social activism, encouraging inclusivity, representation, and self-love.

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please stop.


Adrenaline can produce from lots of things such as driving, and working out. So stop trying to make them feel bad.


Hahahah memes


uh yea most of this is il informed bs

Victor Bernardo

look you probably don’t is qualified to write an article…. so pls “JamieB” make some research before start writing some shit that you dont know. for example you can produce adrenaline in your body naturaly making exercises,running ,this don’t make you commit murder it just increase your heart rate, increasing blood pressure, expanding the air passages of the lungs, enlarging the pupil in the eye, redistributing blood to the muscles and altering the body’s metabolism, so as to maximise blood glucose levels (primarily for the brain) making you think faster and being more athletic for a few moments… so study before posting shit on internet


Love the unbiased wrong and amazing information here!


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