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Why Jeb! is still in the election race

As one of the most electric candidates for presidency, Jeb! has the potential to really shake up the current political offering. As part of a conservative party supporting a president not even they can tolerate, the GOP needs someone fresh and exciting to rally around.

Despite being outpolled and outvoted Jeb! fits the requirements to be a republican candidate as a straight white old man with a family torso deep into politics, Jeb! is a missed opportunity for a charismatic and level-headed leader to be placed into the white house which, after almost 4 years of disastrous results, we know anyone is better than Trump.

The Jeb! Factor

While any high information voter may tell you that Trump has set a very low bar to beat, the GOP have struggled to find a candidate worth vote manipulating for. It turns out that a vast majority of old white men are completely unlikeable as proved by Hillary Clinton’s defeat of Trump where it mattered, the popular vote, Jeb!’s political experience alongside his relatable and likable personality will ensure that he will be a hit with the voters, firing them up and energising them for GOP policies

As a legendary debater, Jeb! has demonstrated he has a place in the world stage, delivering iconic one-liners the nation still cannot forget, Please clap anybody? While he isn’t close to Joe Biden’s level of wit, Jeb! at least has a better vocabulary than Trumps which sits at around an estimated 4th grade level.

Money Talks

As any real conservative knows, policies and likeability play a minor role, Money, above all is the heart of the decision making. A candidate Jeb! offers deep coffers, bankrolled by previous Bush sponsors for an election campaign providing a tanalising incentive to support Jeb over newer entrants. No stranger to backroom deals, the Bush family can once again use their deep connections and international influence to sway domestic and foreign voters.

Already experienced with the rough and tumble of election rallies and interviews, no doubt Jeb! and his campaign managers understand how to correctly use their money, with over 150 million invested in his campaign, Jeb! Was able to cruise by with spending merely $368 per vote easily undercutting hopeful candidate Ben Carson at $795.

You also cannot mention Jeb! and money without mentioning his genius fundraising. While his merchandise store offered classics such as t shirts and bumper stickers it would almost be criminal not to mention what was perhaps the most iconic item offered in the 2016 election cycle, the Guac bowl

High energy

As the 2020 election year begins to ramp up the evidence is clear that Biden will be almost impossible to beat, Jeb! may then have to set his sights into the future for a chance to beat the Democrats. The 2028 election will be an interesting opportunity for Jeb! and his guac bowls to continue the family name as he will have to contend with the incredible legacy of Biden and new competition from moderate progressives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Only time will tell if the republicans will ever get into power again.


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