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William Shears
William Shearshttp://www.socialjustice.com
William Shears has been carefully crafting a version of history that properly identifies western imperialism as the reason for all issues, and Postmodern Neo-Marxism as the solution, and teaching it to children as young as 5 for over 30 years. Mr. Shears has been recognized as one of the most influential voices in progressive education by numerous organizations, and his curriculum has been taught to tens of thousands of children. Some of Mr. Shear’s hobbies include the NYT’s crossword puzzle, speaking at prisons, and meeting his fans.

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Why 2021 is the Perfect Time for Reparations

With proposed lockdowns across the country, we need to seize the opportunity to fix racial inequality by only letting POC run businesses remain open.

Black businesses are struggling to survive under harsh COVID restrictions. Everyone knows that. POCs are suffering the most from the pandemic, and it’s all our fault.

Through racism, slavery, and appropriating their rich culture, we have forced black people to live squalor. They can’t succeed, because the current systematic oppression won’t let them. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and from what many experts call the ‘worst pandemic ever’, could come a golden opportunity to lift black people out of their poverty. We can save the Black race with a very simple idea: shut down all white-owned and run business, and only let proud black businesses operate.

I know what you’re thinking: “This is incredibly unfair!” You’re right. What if a POC doesn’t want to work? I propose we also offer $15/hour stimulus checks for all POCs who are unable/unwilling to work.

Economists estimate that this plan would even out racial average net worth inequalities within six months, and, within a year, give BIPOC a much-deserved head start in the event of the country’s re-opening. Under a Joe Biden presidency, we have the opportunity to provide reparations to POCs in this form.

As a white person, I understand that it was my race that caused COVID to spread so widely. Top scientists where the virus first spread nearly unanimously agree that the very white ex-president, Trump, through sheer incompetence, basically created the pandemic.

As a race, we white people need to realize that our very existence in the workplace causes POCs to miss opportunities we stole from them. We have the opportunity to fix this, I urge you to call your local representative to let them know we mean business. Only white people can save the black race.

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