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Luke Photonus
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Trump caused the high gas prices and here’s why

Angry over rising gas prices? You should be, it’s Trump’s fault after all.

It’s no secret that Americans are facing the brunt of the crisis in Ukraine. Low income families, such as the African American community, have suffered the most due to Putin’s ego. The unhinged dictators’ struggling invasion force have cut off key supply lines to the rest of the world, rapidly increasing inflation. This puts our most vulnerable communities at risk as the rising cost of living has decimated budgets and left a trail of destruction at the counter in its wake. However, few have been successful in pointing the finger at the true cause of our woes – twice impeached president Donald Trump.

Republicans and hispanic white nationalists have seized the opportunity to attack Biden, unsurprising from a party that famously wields misinformation to brainwash its voter base. Misinfo pundits have chosen to focus erroneously on Biden’s “socialist” economic policy which was adopted to first and foremost assist the working class American people recover from the devastating effects. Republican lawmakers, however, have chosen a different angle – trying to convince the public that Biden’s environmental measures such as closing down the Keystone XL pipeline and suspending other oil drilling leases have somehow affected the supply of gas. As a note, oil cannot fuel a vehicle!

It’s time for fact checkers to be the adults in the room once again and guide public opinion. What’s clear in this fable that republicans are trying to create is their deliberate silence and ignorance on the part they have played. Americans previously have been able to enjoy ample supply of gas thanks to Obama led policies, however, this lead has been ruined thanks to Trump’s destructive policies that have wreaked havoc across America while simultaneously fanning the flames of a deadly pandemic, killing hundreds of millions in the process.


The virus, spread by presidential incompetence, was also a major factor in reducing Americas domestic supply of oil, which has caused a knock on effect across a number of other industry.

Furthermore, Trump’s habit of bowing towards Russian pressure, including numerous scandals coupled with Trump’s failures in Afghanistan have no doubt weakened America’s position as a world leader and a force to be reckoned with. The image of a strong united America that President Obama and Vice-President Biden have carefully constructed was torn down in 4 short years which has encouraged Putin and Nazi elements in Ukraine into open conflict disrupting the flow of goods towards Americans. Data from pollsters have shown that 42 percent of voters have identified Trump era policies are directly to blame for Russia’s invasion.

However, Biden and democrats in general have taken extraordinary measures to recover from this situation, after eliminating coronavirus from the news cycle, Biden’s next point of focus is combating inflation that has stemmed from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, taking an unprecedented step to release 30 million barrels of oil from the nation’s strategic reserves while other nations in the International Energy Agency combined for an additional 30 million.

It’s time for voters to recognize who’s really to blame for your problems, Republicans and Trump must be held accountable for their sins.


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