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Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton
Jamie Barton (she/her) resides in Boston with her cat. Jamie graduated college with an English major journalism minor. As journalists, we are never afraid of exposing the truth. We research, write, and report – that’s our job. Your job is to listen and agree.

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How Darrell Brooks can win his trial and get off scot-free, according to a jury member

On November 21st, 2021, an SUV drove through a Xmas parade in Wakueshka, Winsconsin. The driver of the SUV, Darrel Edward Brooks Jr, was promptly arrested after the event. On October 9th, Mr. Brooks trial started, and despite many pleas and objections from Mr. Brooks supporters, it seems as if Mr. Brooks fate was sealed the second he stepped foot into the court as a Black man, and that he would spend the rest of his life rotting in prison for something he probably is not guilty of. However, there may be a small sliver of hope that Mr. Brooks receives a fair judgment. The subreddit, r/Justice4Darrel, was created on October 21st by supporters of Mr. Brooks who believe that he is innocent and is not receiving a fair trial. As of the writing of this article, the subreddit has nearly half a thousand users, and far more brigaders/ bad-faith actors than good-faith actors.

According to one deleted user, in the subreddit’s most upvoted post (presumably brigaded by bad-faith actors) “You people are absolutely delusional. This guy is guilty as hell and will die in prison where he belongs.” The users of the subreddit, however, counterpoint b proving that said user is from a brigade from a far-right subreddit with the clear goal of making sure that Mr. Brooks gets convicted guilty, disregarding whether or not the trial is fair or not.

What really brought the subreddit to the limelight, however, was a post from a juror of the trial. The account, u/anonymousbrooksjuror, was verified by the subreddit’s moderators and claims to have found the subreddit via r/SubredditDrama. Although u/anonymousbrooksjuror does believe that Mr. Brooks is most likely guilty, they believe that Mr. Brooks has not received a fair trial.

The juror has also realized what jury nullification is thanks to the subreddit. And although the juror believes that Mr. Brooks is mostly guilty of the charge(s) he is accused of, he has also not been able to receive proper due process, and thus the juror is conflicted on whether or not to convince the other members of the jury to use jury nullification. If the jury nullifies, then Mr. Brooks will be cleared of the charges set against him, and thus will be a free man.


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