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Azamat Khan
Azamat Khan
I am of African origin and I live in Turkey. I have a PhD in political science or journalism.

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Its Black Herstory Month, which means its the best time for a George Floyd funko pop to be released

When you’ve been oppressed for hundreds of centuries, are still oppressed to this day, had your continent stripped of resources, have all that herstory concentrated into only one month (which just so happens to be the shortest one in the year), then you would obviously be deserving of a little reparations. And since its our month, it is time for the white race to make up for their heinous crimes against the Blacks. And a good way to start is by releasing a George Floyd funko pop.
In May, 2020, the world was shook when a gang of white supremacist cops killed a Black man in cold blood, and while many expressed their “deep” sympathies, they refused to make any real progress. That changes now. And the key to that change lies in George Floyd. Nearly every civil rights movement had a black martyr to rally around. Jesus, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X are examples. For the new civil rights movement, during a time of White Supremacists such as trump, we will need THE martyr. Who else has served as worse victim of not only police oppression, systemic racism, and white supremacy as George Floyd?
As an avid collector of Funko Pops myself, I have came to realize the power of such symbolic statues. Non – Abrahamic cultures did too, as evidenced by the fact that some of all that rests of dead cultures is just statues. Statues can come to symbolize an entire people, and serve as a front for their pride. If you don’t believe me, Easter Island is defined by the big heads, as well as the Black Olmec culture in the New World.
In today’s age, Funko Pops are perhaps the best candidates for statues being for symbolization of an entire people. They are easily mass-produced, beloved by most, and depict mostly anatomically correct features. If we want to martyr George Floyd, and thus start the true liberation of the Black race, then it is important that Funko Pop release a George Floyd Funko Pop now, rather than never.


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