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InvaderVie is right – Content isn’t free and the donations are not optional

InvaderVie (real name unknown), an influencer found on the livestreaming service Twitch.tv came under fire recently for the ‘shocking’ suggestion that content consumers should...

Hit TV series “The Office” remains to be problematic

Because I enjoy visiting my old faves (who doesn’t?), and we all have a little extra time during this self-isolation. I recently found myself...

Analysis of the racism existing in the Mario franchise

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is definitively full of hidden agendas and racist connotations that the average user overlooks due to it's cartoonish art-style...

An in-depth discussion on the problematic nature of Minecraft – a psychojournalism viewpoint

Everyone seems to have heard of this “Minecraft” phenomena that has been going through the rounds again through today’s children. Concerned parents, please read...