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An In-Depth Discussion on the Problematic Nature of Minecraft – A Psychojournalism Viewpoint

Everyone seems to have heard of this “Minecraft” phenomena that has been going through the rounds again through today’s children. Concerned parents, please read on.

In order to more fully understand and explain games from an educated viewpoint, one that my readers have certainly learned to love, I have spent my standard 100 hours playing Minecraft.  Let no one say that I was not thorough, even to my own detriment.

At the start of a new game, you start as a male (yes, I know) known as Steve. In this lackluster start, you are alone in a seeming wilderness.  In order to progress in the game whatsoever, generally the first thing you must do is “punch a tree”.  Yes, in order to progress in the game, you must slam your fists into a tree that was minding its own business cleaning the air for you, clearly this sets the tone for what is a truly violent game.

After obtaining wood, you must begin crafting tools and ultimately build a house or some sort of base, for when night comes, the “monsters” come out, of whom I will expand upon later.  This is fairly guaranteed to be the only way to survive at this point, so you must work quickly before night falls.  Once you build your base, make sure to keep it well lit, for otherwise monsters, or “mobs” will spawn inside it and kill you.

These “mobs” are indeed quite problematic.  Most notable are “creepers” and “endermen”.  Creepers are a clear mockery of Islamic Jihadist stereotype, and at the earliest chance will explode any where that you might me, in the intention to kill you.  In you house, doing nothing?  Explosion. Mining? Explosion.  Drafting peace agreements with the friendly villagers? Explosion, and even more so explosion. I don’t know why we must say it so many times, Islam is a religion of peace everyone!

That aside, even worse are endermen, they are a clear metaphor for POC.  They are a dark-skinned people that are taller than others, what “great specimens”.  What is even worse is that if you even LOOK at them wrong, they become aggressive, or “aggro” in hateful gamer speak, and won’t stop attacking you until somebody dies. The only way to look at one directly is to wear a pumpkin on your head, clearly an insult to POCs everywhere by basically saying that they are stupid enough to fool with a pumpkin on your head.  Apparently, they are the only creatures who can pick up “blocks” as well, reinforcing the stereotype of POC construction workers.

There are, however, peaceful mobs who will not attack.  There are places where you can meet a peaceful group called villagers, with cute houses and farms.  Sounds great right?  It is until you realize that villagers are basically exactly copied from anti-Semitic stereotypes, with their overexaggerated noses and the presence of protective “Iron Golems” clearly linked to ancient Jewish culture.  Many a gamer will comment that “their only use is for trading”.  All these villagers care about is making a buck.  Truly disrespectful.

Besides all that, building a house can be quite fun, even if allowed art is quite limited to non JLGBTQ+ art.  You can spend many hours on this task alone.  One day on my farm, as I was contemplating whether using black carpet was racist or not, I was besieged by the indigenous “Pillagers”.  It appears I built my farm on land that I did not own. I tried to make peace or just leave, but they were out for blood.  Of course, Minecraft, of course you classify indigenous persyns as incredibly violent.

One night as I was coming back from a lengthy expedition from a not so nearby Village, I had forgotten what time it was, and night arrived, and the mobs came out.  It was a truly terrifying experience, as I had, along the way, found some name tags that I could use to label my pets with their correct pronouns and did not want to lose them. I was horrified at the prospect of my pets losing their right to now be misgendered and I knew what I had to do, but it was a difficult decision.  I had to cut my way through.  It was horrifying, these mobs had just the same right to life as I did.  After that night, I was so horrified and had to take a day off to calm down.

 Another important mechanic for playing this game is making potions, they can be necessary for survival, breathing underwater and exploring in general.  Guess how you make them?  You have to build a literal PORTAL TO HELL and collect the body parts of creatures that were minding their own business and just want you to go away and please not kill them.  Gruesome.

The end of the game involved collecting ender pearls, which are, you guessed it, body parts of creatures again, like everything else. They are body parts of the endermen.  Guess what, this particular body part often gets damaged in combat, so it is a rare drop. The solution? Build the enderman equivalent of a gas chamber in order to “farm” their body parts?  Oh and how do you make it?  Apparently endermen only like the dark, my word.

Once you complete your mass murdering and have obtained the items you need, it is now time to open another portal, a portal to “The End” where you must slay an innocent dragon that was minding its won business, in its OWN DIMENSION, I kid you not.

After playing this game, I needed to take a week off in Hawaii to decompress. I truly feel bad for the staff at the resort, as I was not friendly afterwards. A blood test showed the increase of Epinephrine (C9H13NO3), the chemical that causes anger and violence in today’s youth. Oh, and testosterone of course. I was slipping into my old self, a toxic male. It was necessary to undergo minor corrective treatments and therapy before I had returned to a state of sanity.

So, no, I do NOT recommend you play this game, or let your children play it.  I recommend you delete it and ask for a refund, no matter how hard your child cries.  Remember, they are just addicted to the Epinephrine, they may suffer withdrawal symptoms, but they will recover.

The Reformation Doctor
Dr. Howard Wilson (Ref/Orm) Howard was once a racist, sexist and bigot in orms younger years. However, after discovering the power of journalism, ref threw off the shackles of toxic masculinity and transitioned as solely being reformed. To pursue orms life goals, ref pursued a dual major undergraduate in gender studies and journalism at University of California - Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Howard was troubled by the fact that many seemed to show open hatred for orms choice of degrees. Ref, under a powerful desire to fight for truth and general sanity, decided to pursue higher degrees in to design a powerful reeducation battery for those who are best called bigots. After acquiring master’s and PsyD degrees in Psychojournalism at the prestigious Harvard University, and the required years of internships, ref is ready to take on the world. Nowadays Howard has a continually burning fire of love for journalism and writes web articles about the troubles of today’s world. Howard has not given up orms desire to reeducate though and has many journal articles in prestigious journals such as Science, American Psychologist, and Nature Neuroscience.

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Krystal MacKenzie

Nice article!


wrong opinion you have


you’re calling MINECRAFT violent? its a kids game. if you want violent, why didn’t you post a complaint about doom? call of duty? other various games that involve killing and even gore. Minecraft doesn’t display any blood yet it gets this report online? are you kidding me? and endermen are not displaying black people as tall and dark monsters that kill you. you can change your skin from steve, to any skin you want, so if you wanted to you could, i don’t know, well change your skin to black if you wanted to? so minecraft is not remotely racist, or that violent to begin with. this article is merely an attack on it because it can. if anyone wants to argue with me, feel free to. i wont mind if you release your seething rage upon this blocky survival game made for your first grader.


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