The Super Mario Bros. franchise is full of hidden agendas and racist connotations that you’ve most likely overlooked.
The series looks like it is all fun and games for the family. But as you might not know the game features heavily racist connotations.

Definitive Racism

  • Mario, and his brother Luigi, the main protagonists share similarities of racist stereotypes of Italians, as the series defines them as an Italian plumber, but there is no plumbing service you can provide.
  • Mario’s hat resembles Trump’s racist MAGA hat.
  • The game series frequently features the enemy named Goombas which is a heavily racist slang for Italians. They also share some resemblance of POCs as they have darker skin tones.
  • The series also features the enemy Boos. The resemblance of the ghost-like enemy and the KKK is so uncanny that it obviously wasn’t a coincidence.
  • Mario is shown to be a colonizer as there is a street in Sweden called “Marios gata” which translates to Mario’s street.
    As many people know, Sweden is an incredibly homogeneous and racist country that is unwilling to allow POC to immigrate there.
Marios Gata street sign located in Sweden
Marios Gata sign depicting Mario’s colonization over Sweden and the other companies in the area
Mario overlooking the crowd on Marios Gata. Depicting him on a pedestal, more important than all than of the citizens of Sweden.



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