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Analysis of the racism existing in the Mario franchise

The Super Mario Bros. franchise is definitively full of hidden agendas and racist connotations that the average user overlooks due to it’s cartoonish art-style appealing to all ages.

  • Mario, and his brother Luigi, the main protagonists share similarities of racist stereotypes of Italians- the series defines them as short, fat, sporting big bushy mustaches that are both Italian plumbers, yet there is no plumbing service these two can provide.
Pictured above is an Italian plumber that closely resembles the stereotypes that the Mario Franchise is trying to mock.
  • Mario’s hat very closely resembles Trump’s racist MAGA hat. We are 100% positive this is a dog-whistle to all of the Trump supporters out there.
    Ever since Trump’s hat was developed, the sales for the Mario series games have tripled and there is a clear correlation from Trump’s xenophobic fanbase.
Racist on the left, copycat on the right?
  • The game series frequently features an “enemy” named Goombas which is a popular heavily racist slang for Sicilians & Italian Americans. In addition, they also share some resemblance of POCs as they have darker skin tones and stronger facial features.
“Goomba” in the Mario Franchise
  • The series also features Boos and Shy-Guys, the resemblance of these ghost-like creatures and the KKK is so uncanny that is impossible to ignore when they are so blatantly obvious.
  • Mario is shown to be a colonizer and a murderer in many of his games. Sweden decided to showcase this in real life as there is a street in Sweden called “Marios Gata” which translates to Mario’s street.
    As many people know, Sweden is an incredibly homogeneous country that is unwilling to allow POC to immigrate there, and racist towards anyone that doesn’t resemble their white nationalist idealism.

Marios Gata street sign located in Sweden
Marios Gata sign depicting Mario’s colonization over Sweden and the other companies in the area
Mario overlooking the crowd on Marios Gata. Depicting him on a pedestal, more important than all than of the POC citizens of Sweden.


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