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The Cinch News stimulus package

The Cinch News Team made our own stimulus package - 900 billion dollar budget and all.

The Coronavirus Relief bill – not enough foreign aid

It’s no secret: inequality aside, America is one of the richest countries out there. The United States government rakes in over 3.5 trillion (yes, trillion)...

Experts say Black people should get higher stimulus, here’s why we say “YAS, QUEEN!”

A growing movement has called for $2700 allotted to Black/Brown with a $200 injection to the privileged white citizens enjoying continued opportunity.

Why I’m getting the COVID-19 vaccine – even if it kills me

The choice is yours: be the disease or be the cure. Me? I choose cure. That’s why I’m going to get vaccinated - even if it kills me. I choose to save the world.

Why 2021 is the Perfect Time for Reparations

With proposed lockdowns across the country, we need to seize the opportunity to fix racial inequality by only letting POC run businesses remain open. Black...