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So what if our future President has dementia?

While medical professionals wonder about Trumps mental ability, others also worry if Biden is developing dementia

2020 has been a wild year for the world, especially for people living in the United States of America. Strange times have produced even stranger behaviors with the combination of election campaigning and isolation pushing people to their mental breaking point. People’s mental well being has all of a sudden been thrust into the spotlight. It should, therefore, come to almost no surprise that there is renewed scrutiny regarding our current president Donald Trump.

While the past 4 years have given us thousands upon thousands of failures, blunders, gaffes and examples of pure incompetence, Trump has survived, largely supported by a fervent and uneducated voter base. The illusion doesn’t last forever though – Trump’s speeches have provided some memorable moments, but for all the wrong reasons. After all, who could forget the time he forgot where his own father was born? Or when he forgot the CEO of one of the largest American company’s names?

Image of trump speaking
Donald Trump is notable for his regular speech gaffes

Could these simply be another faux pas by our commander in chief? Or a sign of something more lurking in the mind of our 74 year old leader. Such incidences have been close together and sustained long enough for series questions to be raised regarding Trump’s ability to lead. Severe enough to encourage over 70 mental health professionals to write an open letter to Dr Ronny Jackson (Personal doctor to Trump) desperately urging him to administer some cognitive tests in an effort to stop us from hurtling into a train wreck (I know 200,000 people who really wished Dr Jackson took that more seriously).

The letter cited rambling speech, slurring, difficulties in reading and comprehending and suspect judgement – all qualities that we have lately come to associate with Trump – suggesting that Trump may be harboring a neurological irregularity. Of course, a man with such a spectacular ego as Trump could never take such observations lying down. In a bizarre twist of events, Trump has recently lashed out attacking the cognitive ability of his rival Joe Biden, Democrat nominee for President (and vice-president under Obama, if the man needed any more credentials), suggesting that Biden’s small stutters made in recent speeches was a sign of oncoming dementia. 

Picture of Biden looking Healthy
Biden has been accused of suffering dementia

While this claim is completely baseless, it does provide an interesting what-if. With polls showing Biden about to dominate the upcoming election, what would it mean if a soon-to-be president had dementia? Surprisingly little apparently. While Biden may suffer from a slightly impaired cognitive ability – he can always return to his strengths – the Democrat party’s strong set of values and an exceptional vice president pick will ensure that Biden can and will stay on track

Furthermore, the representation for non-typical, neurodivergent people in positions of power would do towards recognizing and normalizing the disabled community, Biden being a member and strong ally of the disabled community would able to launch their blight into the mainstream, allowing the greater neurodivergent community to receive additional funding and support from the government.

Its a sure win for Biden
Things are looking good for Joe

If anything, 2020 has shown us that yes, even a man rumored to have dementia, is still a better choice than Trump, and it looks like the American public also agrees. Voting blue, no matter who, is less of a Democrat slogan than it is common sense against a president that has driven this country into the ground. For accurate up to date voting information visit here

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