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Equality of Opportunity is Outdated – Here’s Why

Equality of opportunity was long fought for among women and minorities, which was finally granted less than 60 years ago, however, the playing field remains uneven as cis white males remain the oppressive class.

White hate groups have been in power for 1000s of years, all the while, the enslaved and oppressed minorities were looked over for any position of power. This is precisely why we should promote legislation that prioritizes minorities for any and all monetary opportunities. This is one way that the pale pigs can pay reparations for all the systematic oppression they have purposefully caused throughout the years. Even with so-called “equal opportunities,” POCs still fall behind compared to cis white males in their average salary due to the systematic oppression of various minority groups from the previous centuries. Society should be pushing for more equality of outcome. Equity is the way of the future.

Similarly to affirmative action, diversity hires should always be put first for a job, regardless of their qualifications. POCs are known for their uncanny ability to learn on the job, even in jobs that would otherwise require a degree. Cis white males should only be considered if the brave diversity hire decides to decline the job.

Equality of outcome will be a great first step towards reparations while lifting the economic outlook of predominantly Black communities, which could lead to those same communities rising out of poverty and help to improve the overall problems that America currently faces.

Minorities should not only be put first for jobs, they should also be  prioritized for any promotions that may arise. With this model, we could have more than 50% of minorities in any given company employed at a senior management position, with that number hopefully one day reaching 100%.

Finally, following in Washington D.C.’s footsteps, every town/city should have a Black Lives Matter Plaza, made to honor POC who have suffered due to systematic oppression throughout Earth’s history, while also serving as a reminder that cis white men should be dethroned from their systemic white privilege.

The future is equality. The future is POC. The future is us.


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