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JoJo’s Alt-Right Adventure, a review on why you should condemn cartoon propaganda

Editor’s Note: This article, focuses on bringing attention to and ridding antiquated and stereotypical racist depictions of individuals of color among other racist caricatures, contains pictures that many may find offensive.

Throughout JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s 30 year run, the series has encountered many instances of alt right propaganda, such most commonly found in a typical Donald Trump hate-filled speeches.

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the main protagonists all commonly referred to as ¨Jojo¨. They are typically a white, heterosexual character, more commonly male, that typically aligns themselves with alt-right allies. As an example, Jolyne Cujoh befriends a literal racist named Narciso Anasui who dissected his girlfriend because she slept with a Black man.

The creators are so racist, in fact, the main antagonist of season 6, is a Black man named Enrico Pucci, and is yet another caricature of the average South Florida Haitian. Which means that so far, most POC’s in the series have been portrayed as either thieves, adulterer’s, or antagonists. Enrique is often depicted holding a mixtape, which is common among many urban children and young adults pursue as a means to lift their family out of the poverty that institutionalized racism and the failure of capitalism put them in.

Enrico Pucci - JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia | JoJo Wiki
Enrique Pucci holding an absolute fire CD mixtape

Additionally, Smokey Brown (his actual name in the series) is a persyn of color shown to be a side kick to the alt right, womanizer named Joseph Joestar instead of a main character that Smokey Brown deserves to be. Even when Smokey is first introduced, he is depicted as the average white supremacist’s caricature of a “good-for-nothing ruffian thief”.

Smokey Brown in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The last example is Rudol von Stroheim, and during his introduction, we find that he is animated to preform the infamous Nazi salute while wearing a standard Nazi uniform. He is a callous alt-right extremist who, during his mission in Mexico, commits several heinous misdeeds such as capturing locals and forcibly turning them into guinea pigs for his twisted experiments. Rudol even threatened to cut a POC’s tongue off for slightly cutting him during a shave. And if all that wasn’t bad, the main character of the season, Joseph Joestar, (a white cis male) allies himself with this alt-right monster and many more heinous demons, in order to destroy a trio of JLGBTQ+ Latinx bodybuilders simply trying to reclaim their home.

Rudol von Stroheim in a Nazi uniform, preforming a Nazi salute

We encourage all who read or watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to denounce the series, and condemn all who enjoy it.


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