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Could a small nuclear war reverse global warming?

War is suffering, and nobody suffers more than our nation’s women – it is an act of violence that destroys a woman’s life – an event that senselessly kills one’s husbands and sons. Thats why, as a feminist, I am slow to reccomend war considering its disadvantages. However, it’s time to face reality – we are no longer in a period of climate change, but rather in a state of climate emergency. The stakes have never been higher and we risk losing future generations unless we do something about it.

This is why humanity must turn to nuclear war. The studies are out there and have shown that just a few detonations could provide enough cloud cover to absorb dangerous sunlight, an extreme contributor to the rising heat levels around the world. 

National Geographic researchers in collaboration with international think-tanks such as NASA have modeled the benefits of detonating a hundred nuclear bombs, similar in scale to those used in Hiroshima. Concluding that the fallout would release a black carbon blanket that would dim the sky – intercepting harmful rays and causing global cooling, a much needed countermeasure to our disastrous climate crisis.

“In NASA climate models, this carbon then absorbed solar heat…where the soot would…clear…the sky”

No doubt residents in Hiroshima have reason to rejoice as their contribution is already over, however, it begs the question – How can we spread these benefits to the rest of the world? National Geographic models suggest that multiple small-scale wars could lower global temperatures merely 2 to 3 years after operations have concluded. More adversely affected areas could benefit from an impressive 5-7 degree F reduction in temperature

TIME has also weighed in, with their modeling data suggesting that 

“Even a small exchange of nuclear weapons would produce enough soot and smoke to block out sunlight, [and] cool the planet”

This is why, in times of unrest, we should be calling on our government to carefully consider the facts and the benefits that small scale nuclear war can bring. Integrating environment action with foreign policy is exactly the kind of innovation we need if we want to have a hope of securing the existence of humanity and a future for our children

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