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Tina is a young, beautiful and caring womxn living in Portland, Oregon with her two dogs and boyfriend. She spends her nights watching 90 Day Fiance and critiquing her boyfriend's everything. She attended UC Berkley for a month and nearly got a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She considers herself to be the savior of POC and womxn.

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Biden may add TikTok stars to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sources say

It's becoming clear that TikTok influencers do more to serve this country than the military

It’s no secret that we live in a society that is fundamentally different today than it was 20, 10, even 5 years ago. Social Media is essentially the biggest part of the average citizen’s life.

A staggering 1.1 billion people use the platform Tik Tok, according to their own statistics.

The Biden administration, despite having the oldest person in America as president, is very hip with current times and trends.

That’s why they used a Tik Tok star to help push vaccinations in August of 2021.


Kooper the (White House) intern wants SHOTS👏 IN 👏 ARMS 👏 Head to vaccines.gov for more information! WE DID IT, JOE! #vaccinated #vaccinatedfor

♬ National Anthem – Lana Del Rey

Yes, that ‘person’ represented the United States government. The press secretary helped make the video. This is where we are at.

Then, in a noble effort to undermine themselves, it was revealed that Biden’s administration is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine.

According to the New York post,

“On Thursday afternoon, 30 top TikTok stars gathered on a Zoom call to receive key information about the war unfolding in Ukraine. National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki briefed the influencers about the United States’ strategic goals in the region and answered questions on distributing aid to Ukrainians, working with NATO and how the United States would react to a Russian use of nuclear weapons.”

The White House has claimed that it is because they are wanting to get information out to people on a platform they already get their news.

Yes, Biden and his super star administration have determined that people are getting news from Tik Tok and that there’s a way to enlist TikTok stars (who do coordinated group dances) to disseminate critical information and, dare we say it, a narrative.

Instead of attempting to stop further deterioration of our society and youth that are addicted to the harmful social media platforms, Biden’s administration decided that if Americans are going to have short attention spans then they should lean into it.

Perhaps it can be a positive thing for the government to condone and encourage the trend of young people fighting for attention online, pursuing a never-ending lust for popularity and fame instead of doing anything useful or fulfilling with their lives. The government often gets it right anyways!

Some conservatives and people with common sense say that it is just a fruitless and out of touch effort by the Democrats to turn up the heat on families across the nation by utilizing the people who are the most likely to think the Democratic platform and policies are helping – teenagers.

Democratic leaders have continued to deny concerns that giving more power to less experienced and younger people would hurt the country, so long as they vote Democrat.

Now, our sources indicate that the White House has decided to turn it up a notch. If their ancient dinosaurs Pelosi and Biden can’t make their point, then they need an army of teenagers and that army needs a general.


According to our insiders, House Democrats have proposed that America get with the times and acknowledge that social media is a powerful and useful tool because it usually leads to ignorant, narcissistic, lazy and unhappy people – a Democratic voter.

After Pelosi attempted to recruit from MySpace and then Friendster, Jen Psaki was tapped to lean into her important contacts within the TikTok influencer space and find someone to help make security decisions in the country because nobody knows what the fuck is going on anymore and its worth a shot.

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